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Southern Chiefs’ Organization Inc.

Protect, Preserve, Promote and Enhance   To protect, preserve, and promote and enhance First Nations people’s inherent rights, languages, customs and traditions: this was the goal of the founding members of the Southern Chiefs Organization, established in 1999. 30 years later, the organization’s independent political forum works to improve the quality of life for [...]


RavenQuest Biomed Inc.

  Cannabis 2.0   By Anna Guy 2018 will be noted in the history books as the year Canada did away with draconian laws surrounding marijuana and passed Bill-45, otherwise now as the Cannabis Act, which will amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, the Criminal Code and other Acts to allow Canadians to [...]


Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)

Energy, medicine, food and agriculture, industry: these are just a few of the sectors that are positively impacted by nuclear energy and technology.   By Anna Guy Canada’s nuclear industry produces about 15 per cent of our electricity, generates over $6 billion in revenue annually, and employs 60,000 people with direct and indirect jobs. [...]


Women Building Futures

By Anna Guy By 2026, The construction and maintenance industry will lose close to 250,000 skilled workers (Build Force). Women Building Futures is working to fill that gap. In 2018, there are approximately 6.2 million women in Canada between the ages of 20 and 44—an estimated 47 per cent of the Canadian labour force, [...]


New Central Library – Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

  Learn, Read, Play, Relax   By Anna Guy “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” – Albert Einstein Calgarians will soon have a library worthy of one of North America’s greatest cities. The New Central Library (NCL), located in Calgary’s East Village, is 240,000-square-feet of [...]


Winnipeg Airport Services Corp. (WASCO)

  Creating Safety Culture in Canada's Northern Airports By Anna Guy To those who frequent airports in Canada’s north, it comes at no surprise that geography, climate, isolation, and limited infrastructure funding combines to create extreme operational conditions. And those who live in these northern and remote communities know better than anyone how critical [...]


Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project

Engineering and Community   By Anna Guy A new iconic structure and destination within Victoria’s Inner Harbour. It’s not every infrastructure project that gets the public to come out in the thousands to celebrate. But the March 31, 2018 official opening of the new Johnson Street Bridge in Victoria, BC, drew over 15,000 community [...]


In Person: Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph

Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph took the stage at the Four Seasons Toronto on June 5th for Audi’s Innovation Series Audi Speaks where for half an hour, the audience was privy to a once-in-a-lifetime conversation led by Dwight Drummond about what it’s like to create a once-in-a-lifetime company like Netflix. Originally formed in 1997 in [...]


Exclusive Interview with Grand Chief Bosum

  Why Recognizing Indigenous Rights Is Good For Business   Grand Chief Dr. Abel Bosum, of the Grand Council of the Crees/Cree Nation Government has worked for the Cree Nation focusing on Economic Development since 1978. From 1984-1998, he was Chief of the Ouje-Bougoumou Cree Nation where, after his community’s many forced relocations, he [...]


Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Outstanding Contributions To The Ontario Economy   By Anna Guy It’s a new day for engineers in Ontario in more than one way. March 1, 2018, marked the inaugural Professional Engineers Day in Ontario, recognizing the vital role that professional engineers play in building, innovating and safeguarding the province. By working closely with the [...]