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Bluebird Self-Storage

Bluebird Self-Storage comes to Southern Ontario Bluebird Self-Storage is expanding into Southern Ontario, bringing much needed self-storage services into the GTA’s underserved market. With over 44 per cent of Torontonians living in some form of an apartment, and that number set to increase in the coming years (Statistics Canada Census 2016), self-storage is a [...]

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United Association Local 144

By Anna Guy Since 1898, Local 144 has represented highly skilled and industrious men and women in the pipefitting and pipe welding industry. In Quebec, Local 144 is an affiliate of the United Association—the Union of Plumbers, Fitters, Welders, and Service Technicians—which represents 340,000 workers across local North American unions. Of that, Local 144 [...]

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West Block Rehabilitation Project Update

Parliament Hill’s West Block will be restored to its 19th Century splendour—but with 21st Century engineering and design. The final touches are being done to the massive, $863 million rehabilitation project on Parliament Hill’s monumental West Block. If you had stood in front of the historic 19th Century building in late January, 2019, you’d [...]

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Clean Energy Compression

Shifting gears to compressed natural gas IMW Industries Ltd. (dba Clean Energy Compression) unlocks cost and emissions savings through compressed natural gas. It’s a movement that is hard to miss: major transportation companies are investing billions of dollars to incorporate natural gas vehicles into their fleets. Huge names like UPS Canada and FortisBC, Walmart, [...]

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Steel River Group

Maximizing Economic Opportunities By Anna Guy Our business model aligns industry with Indigenous Nations, business and people in a progressive and professional manner, maximizing employment and opportunities for both groups,” says Trent Fequet, President and CEO of Steel River Group, one of Canada’s fastest growing management and construction operational-support services companies. Steel River Group [...]

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Lax Kw’alaams Business Development

Parlaying Success in Timber into Economic Engine By Anna Guy Loggers for millennia, the Lax Kw'alaams Band’s big risk on the Skeena Cellulose timber rights has paid off, spurring an economic engine that helps define the Nation today. It was 2001. The Prince Rupert, BC, region was experiencing a major downturn in the forestry [...]

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Wuikinuxv Nation

By Anna Guy Located 500 Kilometres Northwest of Vancouver, the Wuikinuxv Nation lies amongst the natural beauty of British Columbia’s central coast region, accessibly only by a 45-minute seaplane or a two-and-a-half-hour boat ride. A small but proud Nation, the approximately 300 members of the Wuikinuxv Nation’s ancestry traces back thousands of years on [...]

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Graham Construction

Graham- Metrotown Station and ExchangeUpgrade project For nearly a century, Graham Construction has contributed to the construction industry’s biggest and most innovative projects—in fact, the company’s inaugural project was no less than building railway stations for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, Graham is a multi-billion dollar company with a roster of industrial, building, and [...]

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The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Annual Conference

The annual conference of the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships brings together global leaders responsible for delivering some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative infrastructure projects. This year’s 26th conference—P3 2018—drew over 1,200 senior public and private infrastructure leaders from across Canada and internationally to share best practises and recognize excellent and [...]

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