Formed in July 2020, the Shoreview Real Estate Team has quickly emerged as a powerful real estate brokerage. Based in Mississauga, ON, the Shoreview Team is founded on the complimentary relationship between Waleed Elsayed and Robert Piperni, whose visions and foresight are the bedrock of the team.

Elsayed is a second-generation realtor, while Piperni, who comes from a family of real estate investors and developers ,brings 20 years of experience to the firm.

The Shoreview Team is not the average brokerage team. For starters, it was designed with the idea that each team member is a partner—not an employee. “You are a partner because after a few years of being at Shoreview, and after achieving certain targets, a team member will become a partner in a similar way that a lawyer/accountant becomes a partner at a firm,” says Elsayed.

Shoreview also encourages each team member to build a “spin-off” business that relates to real estate—one team member began a gift-basket business, for example, that is utilised for clients.

But perhaps the biggest factor that distinguishes Shoreline is that it’s one of the early Canadian adopters of a new brokerage team that is disrupting the industry—eXp.

eXp is a single global cloud-based, technology-driven real estate brokerage that is changing the game. At the time of this publication, it is the fastest growing real estate brokerage ever with over 55,000 realtors globally.

“We are disrupting the brokerage industry because we offer realtors the following benefits that we have not seen anywhere else,” says Elsayed. “eXp’s generous commission, revenue share and stock awards platform are unheard of elsewhere.”

When asked why did they decided to move Shoreview to eXp, Elsayed says, “eXp was that perfect model that solved all our problems. It allowed us the opportunity to increase our production, scale our business, build an exit strategy, use advanced technology to our benefit, and own a stake of our brokerage instead of merely being a renter at our brokerage.”

“eXp also has superior tools and training aimed at increasing sales production,” says Piperni. “The most effective model that we’ve seen is at eXp, where the compensation model is in alignment. Firstly, eXp does not utilize the franchise model. Because the agents are from across the globe, we gain a broader perspective of different approaches. The agents offering the training are not necessarily local and therefore won’t mind sharing their secrets.”

Piperni says that because of the revenue share model, there is a financial compensation incentive that puts the realtor trainer and agent student in financial alignment. The trainer can be in a different time zone, and can therefore offer training at a time that does not conflict with their work schedule. “The training agent may also record and upload training in the eXp vault. This is a cloud vault where realtors can access training at any hour of the day.”

As a side-note, by having one global office, Piperni believes it actually makes their corporate culture even more close-knit than that in a brick-and-mortar office. “When I was at a brick-and-mortar office, I remember that not all agents would attend our monthly office meetings because the time and location make it an obstacle. However, by being in the cloud, the chances of more agents attending increases. This increases attendance at meetings, which in turn increases engagement and that increases comradery and culture,” he says.

The Shoreview team has been trained in something called the reverse-prospecting method, which they team credits to the growth of its database to 15,000 contacts in seven months—compared to 4,400 contacts after 65 months of being in real estate. “We also learned how to have a business that is marketing-based and prospecting-enhanced,” says Elsayed. “Prior to eXp, our business was operating on the reverse principle and we were taught to lead with revenue. All those teachings were sound, prior to joining eXp, however what we’ve learned has grown our business 10 times.”

“Being at eXp you get to enjoy such a benefit,” says Piperni. “eXp’s revenue share takes advantage of a networking model to allow agents the option to behave as a broker without actually becoming licensed as a broker and to grow an agent base all over the world where eXp operates and earn residual income from a network of expansion partners.”

Elsayed says his message to his fellow realtors who have been in the industry for an extended period of time is to encourage them to remember why they got into real estate in the first place. “If you are a realtor who has been in the business for some time and you are so busy that you don’t have time for your clients or family, and your exit strategy is to either grow a team or to build a portfolio of cash flowing properties (or both), then consider the benefits that eXp Realty can offer. Find an eXp agent (local or distant) and ask them to share the model with you. You might find the solution to your challenges.”