In the rapidly changing landscape of the home appliances industry, Corbeil has been a constant in Quebec homes for over seven decades. What started as a small local company has evolved, adapted, grown into one of Canada’s most reliable and pioneering home appliance retailers, now celebrating 75 years of business in 2024.

With roots tracing back origins as a Quebec family business, Corbeil was founded with a passion for providing top-notch home appliances to the local community. The company’s journey began with a focus on appliances, quickly distinguishing itself as a specialist in the field.

As Corbeil grew, it underwent significant ownership transitions, at one point becoming part of the American retail giant, Sears. However, the company has always remained deeply rooted in its Quebecois identity, and today, Corbeil proudly stands as a family-owned business once again, reflecting its commitment to local values and community.

Under the leadership of its owner Anthony Amiel, a key milestone in Corbeil’s corporate identity is the transition from a network of franchisees to a fully corporate model—a shift that reflects the Amiel Group strategic decision-making to streamline operations and enhance control over its brand and customer experience. Currently, all Corbeil stores operate under the corporate umbrella, ensuring consistency and quality across its retail locations.

Innovations in the Home Appliances Industry

Corbeil’s impact on the home appliances industry extends beyond its product offerings, with the company being a trailblazer in fostering innovation within the sector. One standout feature is Corbeil’s commitment to next-day delivery, meeting the evolving needs of consumers who seek convenience and efficiency in their appliance purchases, not to mention helping customers when their needs are at their most urgent, like when they need a replacement immediately.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have also been a cornerstone of Corbeil’s identity. The establishment of Brigade Corbeil exemplifies the company’s dedication to social and environmental causes. From supporting employee initiatives, such as composting and cancer awareness campaigns, to actively participating in ecological initiatives like recycling programs and optimization of delivery routes, Corbeil’s CSR policy stands on four pillars: Employee Recognition and Wellness, Support for Employee Initiatives, Ecological Responsibility, and Community Involvement.

Corbeil’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through various awards, with Corbeil winning the prestigious Local Retailer of the Year award five times. Additionally, the consecutive three-time win of the “Retailer of the Year—Regional” from 2021 to 2023 underscores Corbeil’s continuous dedication to sustainability and energy-efficient products.

Corbeil’s proactive stance on industry responsibility is evident in its role as the founding member of GoRecycle, addressing the recycling of greenhouse gases in refrigerant appliances in the whole of Quebec. It is a huge step in the fight against greenhouses gas: 1 fridge can equal up to 17 000KM of cars. This, coupled with five years of the Brigade Corbeil initiative, showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Community Impact Over 75 Years

Corbeil’s positive impact on the communities it operates in is a testament to its commitment to social responsibility. The company’s strong CSR policy is reflected in its support for various local initiatives, ranging from aid to flood victims to supporting organizations like “Les petits frères” that create social connections between elders and youth around food. Additionally, Corbeil sponsors multiple local associations focused on sports, reintegration, and support for single mothers, further solidifying its role as a community-oriented business.
Customer-Centric Approach

Corbeil’s enduring appeal to customers can be attributed to its close alignment with the needs and preferences of the Quebecois community. As a specialist in home appliances, Corbeil has continually set itself apart by selling only appliances, with knowledgeable advisors who prioritize customer consultation over sales. The expertise of these advisors, coupled with a carefully curated product selection, ensures that Corbeil’s offerings align with the expectations of customers in terms of size, design, features, performance, durability, and price.

Keeping the product line at the forefront of technological and style trends has been a key focus for Corbeil. The company’s commitment to innovation, showcased in its showroom-to-playroom concept and in-store design, creates an immersive shopping experience for customers. By staying attuned to technological advancements and style preferences, Corbeil remains a go-to destination for those seeking cutting-edge and aesthetically pleasing home appliances.

Celebrating 75 Years

As Corbeil commemorates its 75th anniversary, the company reflects on its past while celebrating daily victories and preparing for the future. The anniversary celebration begins internally with a Recognition Gala, acknowledging the contributions of employees to Corbeil’s success.

Looking ahead to the next 2 to 5 years, Corbeil has ambitious plans. The company aims to win market share against competitors, showcasing its commitment to maintaining a strong presence in the industry. Additionally, Corbeil plans to expand its retail footprint, venturing into Ontario and ROC

Corbeil’s 75-year journey is a testament to its resilience, adaptability, and commitment to excellence. From its beginnings as a family-owned Quebec business to its current position as a leading player in the home appliances industry, Corbeil has navigated challenges, embraced innovation, and prioritized social responsibility. As the company celebrates this significant milestone, it looks toward the future with plans for growth and continued success, reinforcing its status as a trusted name in home appliances.

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