Good news on the horizon for the 18,000 drivers who travers Highway 15 every day in Alberta connecting the cities of Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan.

The vital service and trade corridor is expanding from one lane of traffic in each direction with increased lanes, a new parallel bridge and a pedestrian bridge.

The work in Highway 15 was divided into two sections. Component A was finished on October, 2019 after 5 months of work. The remaining work on Component B is scheduled to be completed in fall, 2022. To date, the North Saskatchewan river bridge with an underslung pedestrian bridge is 65 per cent complete, Road construction is at 50 per cent, and the sewer and retaining walls are both nearly done.

Strong economies require reliable, safe, and efficient transportation networks, says Jeff Zhang, Construction Manager at Alberta Transportation.

“Highway 15 is an important transportation and trade corridor that supports travel to and from Alberta’s Industrial Heartland. The twinning project, including construction of a second bridge, will increase safety and allow for a more efficient movement of people, goods and services. This project will increase the opportunities for economic development in Sturgeon and Strathcona Counties and make it safer for every commuter and commercial carrier to get home safely everyday.”

When asked how the Highway 15 project fits into the Government of Alberta’s overall infrastructure plans for the province, Alberta Transportation states, “A vibrant and diversified economy requires a strong and reliable transportation network. The Government of Alberta remains focused on upgrading and maintaining the existing highway network, including planning, design and construction of roads and bridges. The Highway 15 project is part of that commitment.”

The twinning project will improve access for existing industries, agricultural producers and local businesses. This project supports 2 multi-billion-dollar petrochemical facilities planned for development in Sturgeon and Strathcona Counties.

“Our government is committed to delivering infrastructure projects that support our economy and get Albertans back to work. Highway 15 is a key corridor for the residents and businesses of Fort Saskatchewan and throughout Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, and twinning will reduce congestion, improve travel times and increase safety. Our government promised to build infrastructure projects that help grow Alberta’s economy and this announcement demonstrates our commitment to creating jobs,” says Ric McIver, Transportation Minister.

The twinning project and bridge expansion will also alleviate congestion on the Highway 15 bridge and reduce drive times for local commuters while supporting economic development by improving the connection between Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon County and the Industrial Heartland.

With construction within the City of Fort Saskatchewan nearing completion, overall project progress will continue with an estimated completion in fall 2022.