In 2019, Statistics Canada estimated 57 per cent of Canadians aged 20 years or older (16.8 million people in 2019) have some form of vision problem requiring optical correction. Regular accessible eye care is a vital component of Canadian’s healthcare.

Prior to FYidoctors, Canadians had to choose between the personalized care of an independent eye care provider and the convenience and economics of a big box chain. By marrying the two concepts, creating a streamlined manufacturing system and supply chain for Doctors, FYidoctors has quickly grown to the largest eye care provider in the country.

Business Elite Canada spoke with Dr. Alan Ulsifer, Chair & CEO, about the idea behind FYidoctors in July, 2023.

“The industry was historically highly focused on product and less on the importance of eye care in people’s lives,” says Dr. Ulsifer. “Independent doctors did not have the ability to scale up like many of their chain-like optical competitors and most of the time simply paid a higher wholesale cost for product. By getting together, independent doctors could vertically integrate to create a powerful supply chain, and tell a different story about eye care. Simply stated, we created strength in our numbers by collaborating and joining forces.”

Currently with over 370 clinics across the country and performing over a million eye exams annually, Ulsifer says the concept picked up traction very quickly, and he began to see its potential when a large number of clinics reached out to join the company.

“We created a solution to a problem,” says Ulisfer. “The world was—and constantly is— changing, and doctors not only have to care for patients, they have to run a business that is becoming ever more complex. Our company is a solution to the many challenges facing optometry clinics today including technology, marketing, HR, finance, legal and general operations.”

Annual market research demonstrates that patients and customers see FYidoctors as a trusted expert in eye care that excels in the patient experience, technology, product selection and service. “They trust that we will give them the care and service they deserve,” says Ulisfer.

FYidoctors provides an exhaustive list of services, including routine eye care and other services like dry eye treatment, vision therapy, myopia control, eye disease management, and other diagnostic and treatment services.


A vital component of FYidoctor’s success is pioneering new lens manufacturing technology in North America called Freeform, one of the most modern optical manufacturing facilities in North America.

This new technology allowed much better customization and optical performance. “We are proud to manufacture here in Canada as opposed to having lenses manufactured offshore like other companies,” says Ulisfer. “Our manufacturing centre also serves as a distribution centre for all other optical products to our clinics. Having all of this under one roof provides a competitive advantage in scale and logistics.”

As FYidoctors continues its path to creating an iconic eye care brand through organic growth and acquisitions, it will develop mobile clinics and utilize new technologies to bring eye care to North Americans who cannot currently access it and continue to build in the United States, what has been built in Canada.

FYidoctors will continue its path to creating an iconic eye care brand through organic growth and acquisitions. But you don’t have to take just our word for it: FYidoctors has been recognized as a Gold Member for the fourth year in a row on Canada’s Best Managed List. The company won on the merits of strict emphasis on not only financial performance but fostering culture.

FYidoctors has also been recently recognized as a Great Place to Work® in July 2023 after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada and USA. This certification is based on direct feedback from team members, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience.

“Having an engaged team is something that has always been very important to us and we feel the award recognizes that priority,” says Ulisfer. “Having goals and dreams are important, but you need a great team that believes in the company’s vision to achieve this.”