In what is being touted as the central component to enhance healthcare services and bolster the overall well-being of the those living in Western Newfoundland, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has successfully completed the construction of the new Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital.

The Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital—which will replace the longstanding Western Memorial Regional Hospital, the hospital that served as the regional medical center in Western Newfoundland since 1967—is part of the Provincial Government’s long-term strategy to enhance services and improve the health outcomes of those living in Western Newfoundland, while achieving greater efficiency in healthcare delivery in the region.

“This new state-of-the-art acute care hospital will provide a more modern health care environment for the residents of the western region,” says Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dr. Andrew Furey. “The official handing over of the building from Corner Brook Health Partnership today represents a major milestone in our continued efforts to improve health care service delivery in our province. We worked with community partners to deliver this project on time and on budget, and I look forward to seeing the same for our government’s other major infrastructure projects, like the new adult mental health and addictions hospital in St. John’s. ”

The Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital is set to bring about significant improvements in healthcare services. While maintaining the same services available at the Western Memorial Regional Hospital, the new facility will introduce an expanded cancer care program, incorporating radiation services. This expansion addresses the increasing demand for specialized cancer care in the region, providing residents with advanced and comprehensive treatment options.

Covering seven stories and 600,000 square feet, and with 164 beds, the Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital is designed to accommodate the healthcare needs of a growing population, ensuring that residents receive top-notch medical attention. The hospital is strategically connected to a 145-bed long-term care facility, creating a cohesive healthcare campus to cater to diverse healthcare needs.

The synergy between the acute care hospital and the adjacent 145-bed long-term care facility is a crucial aspect of the healthcare strategy. Physical connections on levels zero and two facilitate seamless collaboration, sharing a loading dock and materials management area on the lower level, while providing a public connection for both staff and the community on the second level.

This new facility will continue to be the hub for specialized health services, including internal medicine, general surgery, orthopedics, elder care, emergency and intensive care, mental health, and cancer care. The hospital will also actively support community health centers, ensuring comprehensive and accessible healthcare for the entire Western Newfoundland region.

Construction of the new hospital was successfully completed on November 7, 2023, with the handover to NL Health Services on November 10. The facility is poised to welcome its first patients in Spring 2024, marking a significant milestone in the region’s healthcare transformation.

The economic impact of the Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital project is substantial. Over the course of construction, an estimated 4,000 person-years of employment were generated, contributing significantly to the local workforce.

“During construction, the percentage of workers on this project from Newfoundland and Labrador was consistently greater than 90 per cent, and we will continue to work closely with our partners to ensure all of our infrastructure projects are providing employment for Newfoundland and Labrador workers and companies.” The project injected a staggering $460 million into the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), further underlining its role in fortifying the economic foundation of Western Newfoundland.

Beyond its state-of-the-art design, the Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital is also an environmentally-friendly infrastructure. The incorporation of a geothermal system is a noteworthy feature, translating into an annual electricity savings of approximately 4,600,000 kWh—the equivalent required to heat 500 homes for a year.

The Honourable Gerry Byrne, Minister of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills and MHA for Corner Brook, says, “While our frontline health care providers remained dedicated to the task of providing the best care for their patients, our government committed to providing new tools and a new home for them and for these services.”

As a cornerstone of the Provincial Government’s long-term strategy, the Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital not only replaces outdated infrastructure but also introduces advanced services, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability. The integration with the long-term care facility, the economic impact on the local workforce, and the anticipation within the community underscore the transformative potential of the Corner Brook Acute Care Hospital in shaping Newfoundland and Labrador’s healthcare future.

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