Toppers Pizza

Commitment to taste
By: Mudeeha Yousaf

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Add four generations of family legacy, a dash of authentic Italian formula mixed with an environment that smells and feels like home and you get Toppers Pizza – an Ontario-wide franchise committing to providing consumers with exceptional pizza and related products.

The Topper’s story began in 1904 when the Toppazzini family founded Toppazzini Bakery. In 1982, the Top 100 Company turned its endeavour into a pizzeria and opened the very first Topper’s Pizza or “Mr. Topper’s Pizza” as it was then called. “What was once used as Italian bread for our bakery is now used for our pizza crust,” says Keith Toppazzini, President of the family-operated business. The Sudbury-based pizza chain thereafter reached corporate expansion, and today employees at 35 locations across Ontario make Canada’s most craved pizza.

As a family-owned franchise, Keith and his brother Kelly are passionate about the business, heritage and making Topper’s Pizza the first and only choice for pizza. “Topper’s Pizza’s success begins with the crust, which is the foundation of any great pizza. No other company has our secret Italian bread crust recipe,” said Keith. “We also have a unique and special culture in each of our pizzerias. Our employees and customers drive that culture forward.”

The company’s approach to flavoured taste also sets them apart, and they approach each new recipe by demanding the best no matter how long it takes to create the perfect pizza or dish. Keith and his team of 500 employees embrace any opportunity to build new and unique flavours and combinations that keep their customers smiling. “Everything on the menu compliments our one-of-a-kind crust,” Keith added.

The business success at Topper’s Pizza can be contributed to every employee’s understanding of the importance of amazing pizza to their customers and providing excellent customer service.

 “During my childhood, we ate meat and potatoes. Today, kids eat sushi. But all generations share a love for pizza,” Keith said.

With a key demographic being customers in the 20 to 30 age range, Topper’s has been eager to embrace technology that allows them to reach target customers. Topper’s Pizza has focused on digital enhancements, which have resulted in a 20 percent increase in online sales. “We want to make sure ordering Toppers Pizza is easy, simple and fun.”

Topper’s also works tirelessly to maintain its label as a market leader, which means its leadership encourages innovation.

“You have to be first to market on your recipes. We were the first in Ontario to create the bacon double cheese recipe and we continue to offer pizzas that you won’t find on any other menu, but we are constantly creating recipes that will keep our customers talking,” Keith said. This year, the business is expected to launch five new recipes, and will release non-pizza items, such as snacks and a new dessert.

Along with getting piping hot, delicious pizzas to its customers quickly, Keith has led a push to make the ordering process simple and accurate. “We not only think about food and what’s going to be popular, but we also look at trends and what’s going to be next generation,” noted Keith.

Not wanting to be limited to one province, the company plans to expand its footprint into Alberta. By 2019, Topper’s goal is to reach 140 locations and is welcoming any opportunities outside of the province while continuing to grow in Ontario.

 In addition to the traditional delivery/carryout locations, Topper’s will open its first “Fast-Casual” concept in March, which will allow customers to enjoy Canada’s best pizza with a unique ambiance.

“We’re all a bunch of foodies. Our goal is that pizza tastes the best that it can possibly taste,” Keith said. “But the one and only Topper’s recipe will always stay a secret.”

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