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analyses of Lift & Co.’s proprietary consumer review

                                                                and receipt platform and from Lift & Co.’s consumer
                                                                and budtender survey panels; the budtender survey
                                                                panels are a first-of-its-kind in Canada. Lift & Co.

                                                                and Headset co-presented early insights into
                                                                Canada’s cannabis consumer segments: who is
                                                                buying, what they are spending and why they are


                                                                As Canada’s cannabis sector matures, Lift & Co.’s
                                                                platform of CPG-inspired marketing solutions—
                                                                Event Marketing including its Expos, Data Insights,

                                                                Consumer and Trade Marketing—will continue
        With the first year of legalization well under way
                                                                to modernize the nascent cannabis industry
        and new products expected to be legalized later this
                                                                by powering the industry and empowering the
        year, consumer behaviour and transactional data
        coming out of Canada present a major opportunity
        within this emerging consumer packaged goods
        (“CPG”) industry.

        This year, Lift & Co. delivered two key presentations
        focusing on Canadian cannabis consumer

        segments. The presentations were based on

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