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The four-day event featured 170 of the industry’s
 BEC Attends Lift & Co.                                          preeminent thought leaders on the Main and

                                                                 Demo stages. With more than 250 exhibitors

                                                                 taking over larger-than-ever floor footprints,
                                                                 and many companies spending more than six
 Cannabis Business Conference                                    figures on booth builds. As the first Toronto

                                                                 Expo since legalization, the show featured four
                                                                 new consumer-focused areas: the Grow Zone,

                                                                 Accessories Zone and Games Lounge, and a new
                                                                 10,000-square-foot Vape Showcase.

                                                                 “This event is a keystone for the Canadian
                                                                 cannabis sector, providing a premium avenue for

                       ore than 20,000 visitors attended         industry, brands and consumers to connect,” said
                       the third annual Lift & Co. Cannabis     Matei Olaru, CEO, Lift & Co. “With new companies
                       Business Conference and Expo             emerging and new products coming to market later

       MToronto, which took place June                          this year, we’ll continue to see brands prioritize our
        6-9, 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre,       show to make an impact with investors and their
        bringing an end to Canadian Cannabis Week.              customers.”

        Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry hosts a
        range of events in June as leaders from around

        the world gathered in Toronto for Canada’s largest
        cannabis consumer and industry conference at the

        end of the week. Events tackle topics ranging from
        new science and innovation to social media policy
        and fair access to medical cannabis.

                                                                     Matei Olaru, Chief Executive Officer at Lift & Co.

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