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Loop and Loblaw

         To Bring Circular Shopping

         Platform To Canada

          Loop Pilot to Launch in Toronto in Early 2020

                       n June 6 in Toronto, Loop™, a state-     Limited. "Our industry is part of the problem and
                       of-the-art circular shopping system      we can be part of the solution. Our partnership with

                       designed to reduce waste, and            Loop is a powerful example of entrepreneurial inno-
       OLoblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw),                      vators working with like-minded large enterprise to

        Canada's food and pharmacy leader, announced            bring a meaningful solution to a real problem."

        Loblaw as the founding retailer to bring Loop's inno-
        vative packaging solution to Canada. Beginning in       Loop is the first-ever global platform to partner with

        early 2020, Toronto pilot participants will be able to   brands and retailers to offer consumers a way to go
        receive select products from President's Choice and     from disposablity to durability with their purchases.

        other leading national brands in reusable contain-      Loop enables consumers to responsibly consume a

        ers, delivered right to their doors.                    variety of commonly used products in customized,
                                                                brand-specific durable packaging that is delivered in

        "There is too much plastic waste," said Galen           a specially designed reusable shipping tote. When

        Weston, Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies            finished with the product, the packaging is collected,

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