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then secondary Clarification. On the biosolids end,     What role does G.E. Booth play in this strategy? A
        it’s a thickening and dewatering - system using         big one.

        centrifuges and then an incineration system. The
        incineration system also services the other large       The Region of Peel partnered with CIMA Consulting

        wastewater treatment plant in Peel being, which is      for the design of a new plant at the G. E. Booth

        the Clarkson WWTP.”                                     Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mississauga. The
                                                                total construction value of the new plant is $272
        PEEL MASTER PLAN                                        million.

        In 2013, the Region of Peel initiated a study of a new   The question posed to the team was ‘What is the

        Water and Wastewater Master Plan for its lake-          best way to replace capacity but also reorientate

        based systems to update its servicing strategies.       assets on site, like larger conduits, power systems,
        This masterplan was updated in 2020 and is a            communication systems, etc.?’ In essence, a

        critical component for the Region’s growth and          roadmap for the expansion and renovation.  “We

        service-provision strategies.                           mixed those two activities, replacing exciting assets,
                                                                while preparing the site for expansion.”

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