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he Region of Peel’s G.E. Booth Wastewater       polluted by humans. This includes contaminated
                Treatment Plant (WWTP) is one of the            water contaminated from flushing toilets and

        Tlargest wastewater treatment facilities in             urinals (this waste is known as blackwater), bathing,

        Canada. It serves Peel’s expanding population,          and washing clothes and dishes (greywater), and
        which is projected to grow from its current 1.25        commercial and industrial activities.

        million to 1.57 million by 2031, and 2.94 million by
        2041. Located in southeast Mississauga, the G.E.        The G.E. Booth WWTP ensures that used water from

        Booth WWTP site sits on approximately 90 acres          homes and businesses is removed safely and in

        south of Lakeshore Road East.                           an environmentally responsible manner, removing
                                                                about 500 million litres of wastewater a day for

        Simply put, wastewater is any water that has been       over 1.5 million residents in Brampton, Mississauga,

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