Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliance

Driving Industry Reform By Anna Guy When the Federal government passed the Cannabis Act in October, 2018, Canadians were finally able to legally access recreational and medicinal cannabis, albeit only in the form of fresh and dried cannabis, oils, plants and seeds. Canadian consumers will soon be able to legally purchase edible cannabis, extracts, [...]

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PDAC 2019 Convention

Highlights Canadian Prosperity The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada, commonly referred to as PDAC, hosted 25,843 attendees from more than 130 countries at PDAC 2019—the world’s premier annual mineral exploration and mining convention. PDAC was pleased to welcome prospectors, students, Indigenous peoples, government officials, investors and executives, as well as Prime Minister Justin [...]

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Building Union of Canada

A New Way of Doing Business By Anna Guy Canadian Canadian unions tend to be entrenched in history—many are over 100 years old now. As Canada’s youngest union, the Building Union of Canada’s mission was to forge a “bold new way of doing business” from the onset. The formation of the Building Union of [...]

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The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Annual Conference

The annual conference of the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships brings together global leaders responsible for delivering some of the world’s most ambitious and innovative infrastructure projects. This year’s 26th conference—P3 2018—drew over 1,200 senior public and private infrastructure leaders from across Canada and internationally to share best practises and recognize excellent and [...]

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The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA)

Canada's Voice for Public Transit and Integrated Mobility Click to view Brochure By Anna Guy World class cities rely on world class transit systems. As more and more Canadians rely on ever-evolving modes of transit—from buses and subways to ride sharing programs—integrated urban mobility (IUM) plans become ever more vital. This is where CUTA [...]

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Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA)

  Ontario's Advocate for Sustainable Energy   Cultivating a sustainable future in Ontario through environmental stewardship, economic development, and social reform. For over fifteen years, the Ontario Sustainability Energy Association (OSEA) has worked for a more sustainable energy economy for all Ontarians. A driving force behind change for the better in the energy sector, [...]

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First Nations Power Authority (FNPA)

  Pathway to Power   By Anna Guy First Nation Power Authority (FNPA) is a breaking new ground for First Nations’-owed power generation companies. The first and only First Nations governed, not-for-profit development company of its kind in North America, FNPA has connected Aboriginal and Corporate Canada in the development of environmentally-preferred power generation [...]

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Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (NAABA)

  Supporting Aboriginal Engagement in Northern Alberta By Anna Guy On an evening in early March, 1993, a group of prescient-minded business leaders met in downtown Fort McMurray to ensure the Aboriginal Community of Wood Buffalo would have an equal opportunity to secure work, and their futures. Their vision? Through working collectively, the Aboriginal [...]

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Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA)

Energy, medicine, food and agriculture, industry: these are just a few of the sectors that are positively impacted by nuclear energy and technology.   By Anna Guy Canada’s nuclear industry produces about 15 per cent of our electricity, generates over $6 billion in revenue annually, and employs 60,000 people with direct and indirect jobs. [...]

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