First Nations Financial Management Board

Leveling the Playing Field   By Anna Guy The fact is, access to capital is critical to building communities, but historically, First Nations governments have not had access to the capital markets or the ability to leverage their own revenue streams. The federal, provincial, and municipal governments have always had these abilities, creating an [...]

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Selkirk Development Corporation

OPEN FOR BUSINESS   By Anna Guy Located in the traditional territory of the Northern Tutchone, the Selkirk First Nation is located at the village of Pelly Crossing on the Klondike Highway in the Central Yukon. Today, there are 704 members of the Selkirk First Nation, and that number is growing every year, with [...]

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Ishkonigan Fontaine Strategic Solutions

Capacity Development. Relationship Building. Reconciliation.   By Anna Guy “There is a clear recognition out of the corporate business community that the old way of doing business with Aboriginal companies is gone, and the new way means fundamental changes for full engagement and participation with the Aboriginal community.”—Phil Fontaine, Ishkonigan.  Canada’s top indigenous consulting [...]

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Tuccaro Group

Leading Alberta's oil sands industry By Rajitha Sivakumaran For many companies in Fort McMurray, it is hard not to talk about the wildfire that happened in May. Dave Tuccaro, President and CEO of the Tuccaro Group, called it “a kick in the teeth”. His group of seven companies have operated in the region catering [...]

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Windigo Catering LP

Comforts of home and camp It’s hard to imagine anything more satisfying than a gourmet meal at the end of a 12-hour work day in a Northern Ontario mine. Coming back from a long day at Musslewhite Mine to a camp run by Windigo Catering LP offers that, and more. Windigo Catering provides everything [...]

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The Corgan Group

For McMurray's safety-conscious contractors By Rajitha Sivakumaran When the Fort McMurray wildfire broke out in May 2016, the entire population had to close up shop and leave. The Corgan Group, which specializes in construction and maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, was no exception. This time of difficulty tested the company’s strength in [...]

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Penticton Indian Band Development Coporation

As the saying goes: build it, and they will come. The story takes place 480 kilometers east of Vancouver, B.C., in south Okanagan. Known for its vineyards and spectacular natural beauty and Aboriginal culture, the Okanagan people have lived in this region for thousands of years. The Penticton Indian Band is the largest reserve [...]

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Gitxsan Development Corporation

Supporting B.C.'s Resource Industry It started as a potential bio-mass electricity contract. It ended as an economic engine that has grossed $20-million and counting, and filled much needed jobs in B.C.’s resource development industry. The Gitxsan Development Corporation (GDC) was born of a relationship between Rick Connors and the Gitxsan First Nations of Northwestern [...]

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Empowerment Through Technology By Rajitha Sivakumaran The word Animikii (pronounced ah-nih-mih-key) means thunderbird in Ojibwe. The thunderbird is a very powerful and respected being in many Indigenous cultures, and when its enormous wings beat, thunder is produced. Jeff Ward, founder of technology company Animikii Inc., has a very special relationship with the thunderbird. When [...]

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