Pacific Electrical Installations

The Power Behind Your Power By Anna Guy For over four decades, Pacific Electrical Installation (PEI) has served British Columbia with electrical infrastructure that powers the lives of its citizens. Underground feeder work, live line work, and maintenance up to 500Kv are PEI’s specialties, always fulfilled under the strictest adherence to safety and occupational [...]


Tawich Development Corp.

Self-Reliance and Prosperity By Anna Guy The Cree Nation of Wemindji, located 1,300 km north of Montreal at the mouth of the Maquatua River on the east coast of James Bay, is a resilient and proud community. Wemindji is not unlike so many small Canadian communities—visitors will find two schools, a community [...]


Midlite Powerline Construction

Powering Western Canada for 30 Years By Anna Guy Midlite Construction does more than build powerlines. The Aboriginal-owned company powers the lives of millions of Western Canadians, enhances its clients’ projects, and creates career legacies for its employees. What Rocky Buksa, President and Founder of Midlite Powerline Construction, started in 1989 with three employees [...]


Steel River Group

Maximizing Economic Opportunities By Anna Guy Our business model aligns industry with Indigenous Nations, business and people in a progressive and professional manner, maximizing employment and opportunities for both groups,” says Trent Fequet, President and CEO of Steel River Group, one of Canada’s fastest growing management and construction operational-support services companies. Steel River Group [...]


Lax Kw’alaams Business Development

Parlaying Success in Timber into Economic Engine By Anna Guy Loggers for millennia, the Lax Kw'alaams Band’s big risk on the Skeena Cellulose timber rights has paid off, spurring an economic engine that helps define the Nation today. It was 2001. The Prince Rupert, BC, region was experiencing a major downturn in the forestry [...]


Wuikinuxv Nation

By Anna Guy Located 500 Kilometres Northwest of Vancouver, the Wuikinuxv Nation lies amongst the natural beauty of British Columbia’s central coast region, accessibly only by a 45-minute seaplane or a two-and-a-half-hour boat ride. A small but proud Nation, the approximately 300 members of the Wuikinuxv Nation’s ancestry traces back thousands of years on [...]


Athabasca Tribal Council (ATC)

By Anna Guy “A foot in the door to a life-long career.” “Support I need to get on track and focused on my future.” “I am proud to be part of a community that encourages opportunities for growth.” These testimonials illustrate the tangible and measurable impact Athabasca Tribal Council (ATC) has had on First [...]


Makivik Corporation (40th Anniversary)

In conversation with Makivik Corporation President Charlie Watt Sr. Elected Makivik President, Watt returns to the organization he founded 40 years ago For an individual who has done so much for so many, Charlie Watt Sr. does not welcome the spotlight on himself. Despite his outstanding contributions to the Inuit community and achievements in [...]


Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach

Click to view Brochure The Innu word Naskapi is said to mean "people beyond the horizon”, describing their homeland is what is now northern Quebec and Labrador. A nomadic people for hundreds of years, the Naskapi people were subjected to major relocations for the commercial benefit of the Hudson Bay Company between 1830s and [...]


Indian Business Corporation

A Future in Partnership   As Rob Rollingson, GM of Indian Business Corporation (IBC), tells me about the time a gentleman came and asked for a few thousand-dollar loan, I can sense the passion in his voice. On paper, Rollingson knew it was not the safest loan due to the fact that the man [...]

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