BC’s Premier EPC-Capable Company


r&r-utilityBy Anna Guy

Since 2011, EPC company R&R Utility Limited has offered premium full-service development and execution for a wide range of projects in the power and transportation sectors.

R&R clients seek out the company for its talent, tools and technical expertise to manage hydroelectric generation stations, transmission lines at voltages up to 735 kV and other heavy civil projects like tunnels and highways. The key to the company’s rapid rise is a unique combination of experienced professionals supported by bright young engineers and technologists who provide creative ideas and solutions to its clients’ needs including engineering, project management, procurement, construction, inspection, QA/QC, environmental management and forestry.

R&R President and General Manager, Bill Robertson, P.Eng strategically put together a unique team of individuals whose many years of experience give the company the ability to bring tried-and-true methods to all projects it undertakes. To complement the experienced professionals, R&R develops “keen, young talent” to create a strong, sustainable team comprised of different backgrounds that can approach each project with unique and innovative solutions. “Simply put, young professionals are our future,” says Robertson. “We are training them to take over the reins from the more senior members of the company. Without them, there will be no future for the company.”

Guided by partners Shad Rashidi and Stephen Randall, P.Eng. along with Construction Manager Max Gerth, R. P. Bio, field staff is provided on-going guidance in engineering, design, work inspection, material management and other construction activities so that even junior members of the team can learn on the job. Along with alliance partners, the company’s talent, tools and technical expertise gets any assignment entrusted to it done correctly. “So far, we’ve met every challenge we’ve been given… and there have been many,” reflects Robertson.

“Our vision is simple,” continues Robertson. “We believe in transferring our knowledge to younger engineers entering the construction, power and transportation industries.” He goes on to state that he genuinely wants to transfer the knowledge and experience he has gained over the last 47 years to deserving and talented young people who have an interest in the construction industry. In doing so, R&R has managed to attract talent from a variety of backgrounds to join the company with the goal of providing their clients a “one-stop shop” for all their project needs.

Operations Manager Shad Rashidi adds, “R&R has the expertise to take a project from initial feasibility studies through construction and commissioning to operation, delivering projects on time, on budget and to the client’s satisfaction. On all projects the company has been involved with, we strive to be responsive and quality oriented.”


“We bring genuine value for every dollar spent,” says Robertson. “On almost all our projects, we have provided our clients with options that could realize significant savings, usually in the millions of dollars.

In addition, the R&R team have proven they have the courage to tackle tough projects other companies shy away from and in all cases, have met and conquered these challenges safely, on schedule and within the allotted budget.

“In many cases, our clients come to us for help and assistance on a project that requires special skills or a different point of view,” he continues. “For some work, we must bid competitively against engineering giants like SNC-Lavalin, AMEC-Foster Wheeler and Stantec and where we were successful, the client saw value in our proposal.”

Through design consultants, field survey crews, environmental monitors, road builders and line construction teams, R&R provides its clients with a clear and concise design-build concept. Combined with field level assessments, R&R delivers a complete package that surpasses the industry standard.

R&R is experienced with all aspects of a project, including access and clearing, surveying, civil works, line work, inspection, quatily assurance, helicopter management and pre-construction services.

Leaving a Legacy

R&R wants to leave a legacy and better the lives of all Canadians by using its skills, knowledge and initiative to provide affordable access to power and, in the transportation sector, reduce the crippling gridlock that is choking almost all major cities in the country. Robertson adds that they plan to expand toward the east and are in the process of establishing an office in the Toronto area, where the team is looking at local and overseas assignments that may be suited to them.

“Misguided planning practices and a false assumption that the automobile would disappear have resulted in decades of neglect by municipal and provincial governments in many Canadian Provinces over the last half Century. This is the main reason that R&R is stepping up to the plate to sponsor what is believed to be the largest civil engineering project in the country’s history—a $65 billion, 62-kilometre tunneled freeway through the heart of Canada’s largest city. This relief highway will relieve the crippling congestion that affects almost one third of the country’s population every day in Toronto alone. On this initiative as well as others, Randall adds, “In all projects we’re involved with, we strive to provide the unwavering customer service that our clients expect. Our team at R&R is proud to have an excellent project record and is always striving to improve the services we offer.”