Total Tank Service for Above Ground Storage Tanks


proliumBy Anna Guy

Industry leaders in above ground oil tank construction, repair and maintenance, and experts in project management, Prolium offers a full range of high-quality, safety-focused above ground storage tank services across Canada.

Repair, Design, Drafting, Management, Skilled Labour, Fabrication: Whatever your storage tank maintenance needs, Prolium has the answers.

Based in Airdrie, Alberta, Prolium is built on same the foundations the province is built on: reliability, honesty, and most of all, hard work. In fact, the name is derived from the Latin word Proelium, which translates to “battle” in English.

The previously employee-owned and operated company specializes in the repair, modification and maintenance of Above Ground Storage Tanks. When asked what has driven and distinguished the company’s success, President Brad Cruikshank doesn’t hesitate. “Customer service,” he says, “and pride. Prolium has an excellent group of staff who are knowledgeable, dedicated, act with the utmost integrity and simply work harder, and this team challenges each other daily to be better and to do more. I view it as my job to enable our staff to deliver an excellent product. As a result, our customers know they can count on Prolium.”

By offering “total solutions” in its market and through strong relationships with its business partners, Prolium continues to stand out. “After all, our customers really are our partners, and as partners we take the time to both listen and understand their needs.”

Business Elite Canada asked Cruikshank to walk us through ways it helps clients. “We handle everything from cleaning, to engineering, to the mechanical repair and maintenance (and much more). We are always exploring innovative ways to design and execute our projects. This ultimately leads to a high value of service for our clients, because with the current oil and gas market, we have to work harder to do our part.”

In essence, Prolium handles “total tank service”. For Prolium, using new technology has allowed the team to help its customer offset some of their costs—for example by reclaiming waste oil. “Change comes from understanding our market and our customers,” says Cruikshank. Therefore, he explains, every project differs and is approached with the customer’s individual needs.

Technical and Critical Nature

“When our customers have a project in mind, they all most always engage our team from the beginning,” says Cruikshank. “We have executed countless projects which are extremely technical and critical in nature. We have lifted several tanks in order to repair the foundation or replace the tank floor, and these tanks range from small diameter tanks to tanks over 200 feet in diameter. We have replaced tank roofs, shell courses, etc. Sometimes we nearly re-build the entire tank.”

Prolium can do it all and has the equipment to carry out any job. A hydraulic jacking system, for instance, comes in handy when a client needs to remove and install a new concrete ring wall and replace the floor sheets, blinded and de-blinded the tanks, fixing foam piping systems, and lifts.

Prolium has the experience and expertise to successfully complete any above ground storage tank project—from design and inspection to engineering and execution. An interesting case study features a project on a 180-inch Dilbit tank, wherein Prolium used a water jet to cut and re-install two door sheets before removing up to 10 feet of sludge, then replaced the foam piping system, shell, and roof insulation before demolishing and replacing the tank roof and internal roof structure. In addition to replacing all staircases and platforms, the team replaced the roof nozzles, components and PVRs, as well as the level, temperature transmitters and all associated electrical components for the client for significant cost savings.

The team’s clients know they are in good hands. “They understand we truly are the experts. That’s the kind of relationship we have with our customers.”

Culture of Safety

As members of ISNetworld, Avetta, Complyworks, and COR, Prolium comprehensive liability insurance transcends industry standards. From office managers and field supervisors, to labourers and visitors, every employee is follow them strict safety procedures. Says Cruikshank, “Our company was essentially created around safety. Starting out as a small company, safety is personal as you are directly responsibility for your friends. As the company has grown, every decision has been made with safety as the most important factor.”

Cruikshank believes “Leadership must lead. We identify safety as a core value and create a supportive environment, and safety culture needs to be lived out by every employee at every moment of every day. It truly must become a core value and the first priority in every situation.”

Going forward, the Prolium team continues to offer its clients exceptional quality of service within the current market space and will do so by continuing to work hard and offer innovative, customized tank solutions. “We will continue to be leaders in our industry, while continuing to grow the company sustainably and expend into other industries such as Mining and Infrastructure,” says Cruikshank. “With operations across Canada, we are poised to offer solutions to all clients who own terminals and storage tanks.”