20 Years of Innovative Service


alcroFrom a three-man operation in 1997, to upward of 90 employees in recent years, Alcro Electric has a lot to celebrate on their 20th anniversary. The energy industry can be fickle, and making it this long is no small feat. Voytek Lukasiewicz, President of Alcro Electric, attributes their success to their unwavering business practices and the commitment of the team. Their calling card is their dedication to service and quality.

Pioneers in the Field

Known as the go-to specialist when oil and gas companies need modular work, Alcro Electric has played a part in pioneering the field. Though now the industry standard, modularization was almost unheard of twenty years ago. At that time, on-site electrical work was common, with teams exposed to variables in weather, safety, and working conditions. With modularization, all of those challenges were remediated, says Lukasiewicz. By definition, a modular is a structure that is relocatable. It can be built in large hubs like Calgary or Edmonton, where Alcro Electric can control the environment, keep down the cost, and access the best subcontractors. Once completed, the module is shipped to site, where it requires a lot less time for the plant or oil battery to be assembled so it’s quickly put online and producing.

As the first company in the Calgary area to specialize in modularization, the sales team spent a lot of resources eeducating prospective clients on the multiple benefits of modularization. Once they understood the advantages in cost savings and safety, clients never looked back. Fast forward to today, and pre-commissioned modular packages are a critical component for an efficient start-up of any facility.

Competitive Edge

Alcro Electric has maintained that competitive edge with an unwavering focus on modularization. “We’ve always grown with modularization in mind,” says Lukasiewicz. The entire Alcro Electric infrastructure, from the organization of vehicles, to supplies, to project management, and purchasing “is specialized specifically to suit the modular market,” says Lukasiewicz. “Our methods have been tailored specifically. It really works toward the modularization market—and now there are no efficiencies we haven’t been able to meet.”

This business model makes Alcro Electric’s proposal process the most precise in the industry. Their approach to large capital projects is twofold: ensure effective communication between all parties, and precise organization and planning in the form of project execution. A team approach improves understanding of scope and limits unnecessary deficiencies, while providing increased product quality, increased employee safety, lower construction costs, and reduced construction time. “When we work on a project, it is because we know that project forward and backward,” says Lukasiewicz. The team credits this to the technical astuteness of their project managers, whose years of trade experience bring incredible value to the proposal stage.

And customers agree. With a roster of over 100 past and present companies, Alcro Electric has completed projects as small as a single module up to a line-up of large MCCs and dozens of process packages for companies like STP and Pengrowth Energy’s SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) facilities. The company is structured into five departments that work together to offer the greatest efficiency in quality assurance, quality control, work instructions, operating procedures, and project executions.

“We have many loyal customers who come back because they always know what they are going to get from us,” says Lukasiewicz. “We have earned a trusting relationship with our customers.” Lukasiewicz cites a SAGD project that his team is currently working on in the Fort McMurray region as an example. Alcro Electric’s expertise with SAGD resulted in a company record of minimal-to-no-deficiencies on site for installation and cost per installation.

Twenty years later, Lukasiewicz and founding partners, Brock Crowley and Steve Crowley, reflect on these years proudly. “Throughout economic ups and downs, we have never taken a step back,” Lukasiewicz says, “and I’d like to continue that for the next 20 years.”