Central Alberta Business and Real Estate


Samson Cree First Nation, or Samson First Nation (SFN), located in Central Alberta, is dedicated to preserving its language and culture through the maximization of human and natural resources. The tenants of this Sovereign Nation are Pimacihowin (Way of Life), Wahkohtowin (Kinship) Sakitowin (Love) and Tapwewin (Honesty).

These tenants form the foundation form the Samson Management Corp (SML), the economic development arm for SFN and a premier leader in business and investment management, manages a diverse set of businesses including commercial and residential real estate, property management, retail, food and beverage and automotive services. Developed to improving quality of life for all Samson First Nation people, Samson Management provides management oversight to ensure the growth and success of new and existing businesses and investment
opportunities through SFN philosophies.

SML reports to SML board made of a diverse group of directors comprising of members from Samson elected council and as well as non-political and non-affiliates from outside the community. This creates a separation from Chief and Council in the governing of the corporation allowing the decisions to have a business focus versus political. SML works with a Constitution for Samson Cree Nation, and addresses accountability to the members by developing the roles and responsibilities in conjunction with the Code of Conduct for the Chief and Council.

“Samson Cree Nation is a healthy, educated, knowledgeable and industrious community,” says SML CEO Azar Kamran. “We believe that love and sharing are essential for the development of a safe and healthy community. We believe truth and honesty are fundamental in empowering our Nation. We will provide guidance and make collective decisions, which benefit the community and future generations.”

Kamran says the job of SML is to be an economic development conduit for Samson Cree Nation while creating sustainable local employment. “We are able to do so through an experienced and dedicated team of corporate support staff comprising of Finance, Marketing, Records management, Information Technology, Human Resources & office administration while coordinating with operations managers at each business division,” says Kamran. “Our aim is to balance profitability with employment generation for the community.”

Four Decades of Growth

Initially incorporated in 1974 as holding company of the Samson Nation real estate portfolio, Samson Management has now grown to nine active business operations with most recent total annual revenue of $15 million, assets of 20 million and total liability obligations of $3.2 million, and is also a managing agent for two other companies owned by the Nation, with total additional $8 million in annual revenues.

“SML is a major contributor for local economy and creating sustainable employment with about 121 employees,” says Kamran. “As an employer we have grown 100 per cent over the past five years. As part of our mandate of giving back to community, for an example, we manage a grant program to provide down payment to Samson First Nation members for purchasing housing off reserve, for those who can support mortgage payments on their own.”

Award Winning Vision

Renowned in its community, SML has been recognized with the Eagle Feather Business of Distinction Award three times between 2003 and 2017, and the 2016 and 2017 Wetaskinwin Chamber of Commerce for engages with its customers at various levels with a focus on two-way communication and feed back.

“Samson Management Ltd strongly believe in ensuring the sustainability of its operations and as such after each expansion period we focus on consolidating achievements through building strong processes before expanding further,” says Kamran. “All of our business divisions, far and near, operate from an annual business strategic plan and an approved budget as a guideline. Division managers are given the independence to run their operations as seen fit within those guidelines without micromanagement. Progress is monitored against the annual strategic plans on a quarterly basis.”

Going forward, SML will continue to focus on building on the efficiencies of our existing operations. “Having said that,” Kamran smiles, “we are always assessing business opportunities for future ventures and will continue to do so.”