A model of sustainable and intelligent design
By: Mudeeha Yousaf

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Building eco-communities is a difficult thing to do. Proment Corporation, a real estate development company, however is successful in achieving a LEED Gold certified community from concept to completion and exemplifies excellence in green building. Incorporated in 1965, the corporation has left a legacy of innovation in design and a merit for sustainability on Quebec’s landscape, staying true to its vision of creating viable environments that benefit the world and its residents.

As Nuns’ Island’s primary residential developer for over 30 years, Proment Corporation has completed an array of acclaimed projects which contributes to the island’s growing antiquity. From 1980 onwards, its focus was in creating high-quality environments and luxury condos minutes from downtown Montreal and crafting a lifestyle which was “country living not far from the city.” The company dedicated to better serve — environmentally and socially — the residents of the island and worked with the city to preserve and protect its forestry.

Currently in its third-generation of leadership, the company is in the process of designing the Pointe-Nord neighbourhood, reflecting its desire to build a mixed-used community that benefits all stake-holders with its environmentally-sound design. “You want someone to walk down the street, feel great and love it,” says Ilan Gewurz, Vice-President and son of founder Samuel Gewurz. A lawyer by training, Ilan’s interest “was in creating environments where people can bring out their best selves.”

The community seeks to blend the waterfront villages of Europe, which have a charming main street, with the modernity and technology of North America. Quartier Pointe Nord participated in a pilot project of the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED Neighbourhoods and has achieved LEED ND Gold certification. The community comes equipped with proximity to public transportation and walkability to commercial or job opportunities, bike paths, rain water recuperations in the public spaces for irrigation, LED lighting, and an overall more sustainable lifestyle. With Proment Corporation being the sole developer for the community, residents are reassured that there will be no surprises – not only will their views be protected but decisions are being made holistically with the well-being of the neighbourhood in mind. As part of the LEED ND process, this urban community follows stringent construction management standards such as the use of materials with high recycled content and the movement of construction waste to recycling depots.

Proment Corporation has meticulously crafted a world-class waterfront neighbourhood which melds nature with structure and has catered to the geographic position of the space. “Montreal is an island, and nowhere do you have a great waterfront experience. Pointe-Nord wanted to change this and provide the first real waterfront community where you feel the river everywhere in the neighbourhood,” says Ilan. The vision behind the project “was to create a charming, European-inspired neighbourhood where you walk down the mainstream and you feel at home, that people know you and you feel welcome.” This is undoubtedly carried out through Montreal’s first waterfront restaurant, Les Enfants Terribles, as well as the opening of Mamie Clafoutis, a French home-style bakery that adds ingenuity to the community and sponsors a communal atmosphere.

Within the neighbourhood exists Evolo buildings that offer inhabitants a healthy quality of life and are synchronized with Pointe-Nord’s ecological principles. The first of the two 30-storey towers has filled to 100% occupancy, and the other is 85% sold out and expected to be delivered this coming spring. Also in the process is the planning of the next tower, Evolo ‘S’, an architecturally cutting-edge tower with unobstructed views of the downtown and of the river. “People that buy in early will make wise investments and gain long-term value from it,” boasts Ilan. The LEED certified towers shine light on living in a healthy abode and reduces energy consumption by as much as 30%.

Proment Corporation achieves architectural diversity by integrating in design with Jean-Pierre Bart, Forme Studio and Lemay Michaud who work unanimously to cater to the buyers. “People follow us building to building because they know when they’re buying a Proment building they’re buying quality in construction, thoughtfulness of design and efficiency of the floor plan of the space,” says Ilan. The company has proven itself with its solid track record and 40% of their buyers have been repeat clients. “People recognize the value of their investment which has paid off in the resales.”

Recognized by the Association provincial des constructeurs d’habitations du Quebec (APCHQ) and the winner of five “Builder of the Year” awards, Proment Corporation will work towards finishing off their latest endeavour and “make the whole neighbourhood complete so that it’s really a world-class community.”

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