Procam Constructin


“The skill to build and willingness to achieve”
By: Mudeeha Yousaf

            Founded in 1990, Procam Construction is a general contracting firm specializing in new construction projects and renovations. The Quebec-based company commits to working on commercial and industrial construction projects and has earned a reputation of success built on a foundation of mutual trust and fortitude. Remi Boutin, current President and CEO, has been a partner in the business since its modest beginnings in ’91 and has guided the company to where it is today. “Originally we were six partners, reduced to three, reduced to one…  in 2011 I incorporated four other partners [Yvon Caron, Michel Pelletier, Annie Duhaime & Kevin Poliseno,] along with myself, who have been working with the company for many years.” With Remi’s civil engineering experience, the new partnership is determined to drive the company towards continued success.

            As a full-service contractor, Procam works with their clients from estimation and working on budgeting for the cost of the project to completion, including drawings and managing the job. The diverse nature of their business allows for a step-by-step participation with all partners involved and offering a plethora of services throughout the A-Z process.

            While willing to take on any and all projects that may come their way, the company is an expert within the commercial industry, and prides itself in being a major builder for Wal-Mart, a valued client of the firm.  “Normally we don’t do public quotations [being] a growing business who works privately, though [Wal-Mart has given us] more than 40% of their business,” says Remi. “Wal-Mart expects a higher level of service from us than the other contractors because we do 5-6 Wal-Mart’s per year, and when they give us a contract they expect it to be an easy job… it’s very important to respect the owner and give them the service they expect to receive from us.” Other projects the company has added to their building portfolio includes Métro Richelieu, Smart Centre, Canadian Tire, Jean Coutu, Rona, Provigo- Loblaws, First Capital Realty and has recently got the green-light for a $6.5 million expansion project where they will be in charge of renovating an existing Wal-Mart.

            The golden rule for the $55 million company is keeping a durable relationship with existing clients, as repeat business and referrals is how the business stays thriving. “We want to provide good service for our original clients. We’re not trying to find new clients because right now it’s enough for us. Maybe in 4-5 years we will look to expand…” says Remi. “The skill to build and the willingness to achieve is our motto.” As well as providing the utmost quality of service to consumers, the company dedicates its achievement to their employees and sub-trades who stand behind the firm every step of the way. “We work with good sub-trades and get good prices from them because of our relationship. We have a good quality of labor on site, guys with a lot of experience and who take responsibility, and they take Procam personally – they work for the name of the company and not just for any construction company,” boasts Kevin, Chief Estimator and Project Manager celebrating 13 years with the company.

 “We’re only as good as our team… we try to use, as often as possible, the same contractors. We have to be selective as that is the key to our good results,” adds Remi.  “We have a good stability with our personnel… our foreman have been with us since the beginning of the company, so we try to keep them happy because we know the quality of the work they provide.” The company relies on building strong relationships with clients and employees alike and “don’t go to a tender with just anybody.” With the use of these repeat sub-contractors who are highly equipped to perform any project of varying size, the business reduces its risk to a low 20% — 80% of which is contracted out and the risk is shared amongst all stakeholders.

While primarily working in Quebec, Procam has dabbled into some projects in Ottawa, and when asked if expansion plans are on the company’s agenda, Remi says that there are no expansion plans in the near future and that their clients in the French region “give enough jobs to keep the size of my business growing.” As compared to other national markets, the Quebec construction trade is unionized and “when you go to places, say in Ontario that is not unionized, it’s different and we have to follow the regulations… right now it’s sufficient to work in Quebec and provide good service.”

“Since my beginning a lot has changed. We’re getting better. Our quality of work, relationship with clients and our guys on site are learning more and more. We try to work better from job to job,” says Kevin. Procam has spent more than a decade in the construction trade and have become veterans in Quebec’s competitive building industry, and is approximated to complete around $50-60 million in construction costs.

“The way we work is to keep our customers happy and keep the good relationship with them and a good reputation… if you respect me I’ll respect you. We’re always thinking about the future and the next job,” closes Remi.

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