The Phoenix Group of Companies is a world-class industrial contractor providing integrated, end-to-end services and products for clients in oil & gas, power management, energy, and more. Phoenix has been a recognized leader in workplace safety and quality for large-scale construction projects across Western Canada since 1995, offices and fabrication facilities located in Nisku, Whitecourt, Fort McMurray, and Kitimat to better serve its clients.

With nearly 30 years of proven, lean project delivery, Phoenix Group of Companies work[s] with both local and fortune 500 international companies. Our initiatives include proprietary “First Of Kind” Industrial solid state “Heat-to Power” Innovative Technology.

A fully integrated ERP system provides real-time data for earned value visibility throughout the entire lifecycle of your project as well as Project Controls, Estimating, Finance, HR, Procurement and LEM generation.

Phoenix Group’s ES&G program covers all aspects of Environmental, Social and Governance, including our Indigenous partnerships and carbon balance sheet accountability.

Phoenix Group has the DNA and requisite experience to take on Large Capital projects, Turnarounds and facility maintenance.
“Phoenix Group of Companies understands the unique demands of the industrial sector and the requirements for success,” says Paul Walsh, Vice – President, Business Development. “We prioritize responsive communication with our clients to provide timely insights for consistent quality on every project.”

Phoenix’s state-of-the-art fabrication facility was built to handle a diverse range of metals and alloys to manage projects of any size or complexity, says Walsh. “Our internal processes have been exhaustively refined to reduce defects and disruptions to production runs. With over 40 Acres of space, Phoenix has the flexibility to produce and house multiple projects at any given time, providing integrated support when and where our clients need it most.”

Transparency and accountability via project reporting are crucial to building and maintaining trust with clients from Day One. Phoenix has only been able to offer reliable, full-scale services to our clients based on this trust. “Once it’s established, we won’t stop working to build upon that foundation we’ve built together.”

Innovations in the Fabrication Industry

The Phoenix Group was established in an era of uncertainty and volatility—an environment that eventually proved to be the ideal conditions to force our team to adapt to change quickly and adopt new technologies in order to survive. As Phoenix adopted more sophisticated systems, innovation became second nature, and the company went from surviving to thriving, while always delivering this same passion for its clients.

“Our integrated services extend across multiple facets of a project lifecycle; with our modular design services, Phoenix Industrial Group of Companies can support projects from design to completion, and any stage between,” says Walsh. “Our proprietary, cutting-edge ERP system is leading the industry in innovative document control systems and modular customization, enabling our teams to design and deliver your solutions onsite faster and at lower costs.”

“With our advanced systems and technologies, we are able to provide more accurate monitoring and reporting of your existing project resources to share timely insights with your team,” says Walsh. “Let Phoenix help you make better business decisions with real-time data to ensure the success of your project.”

Workforce Planning

Phoenix specializes in a particularly progressive approach to project work known as workface planning, which provides clear, concise, up-to-date analytics to ensure greater accuracy in project planning from the get-go.

“Workface planning is the holistic approach that focuses on getting the right things—funds, tools, resources, or information—to the right people at the right time,” says Walsh. “With proper planning and project scoping, Phoenix has helped many clients save money and improve productivity for large-scale construction projects. Our team is at the forefront of this progressive practice. We collaborate across teams and divisions to communicate progress, control costs, and ensure that multiple projects are operating efficiently while maintaining absolute visibility with our clients.”

“Our primary goal with workface planning is to prepare onsite teams to avoid cost overruns from any inefficiencies that might happen due to errors in front-end planning, procurement, design, organization, construction, and maintenance.”

The two biggest projects Phoenix is currently involved with is a Petrochemical Facility in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. This project included the fabrication and assembly of 96 full Alberta-sized modules and site mechanical scope and pre-commissioning. The company is also working on a large project in the Alberta Oil Sands completing mechanical, Structural and rotating equipment scope.

Sophisticated Solutions for Complex Projects

“For over 25 years, the Phoenix Group of Companies has delivered sophisticated solutions for complex industrial projects, regardless of size or location. Providing high-caliber, end-to-end contracting services to handle all aspects of your project,” says Walsh. From initial cost analysis and project planning to fabrication and onsite execution, Phoenix’s experienced and knowledgeable teams work in tandem with clients to establish systems and processes that provide transparency and accuracy—ensuring they deliver quality, cost-effective results.

Says Walsh, “This commitment to transparency, along with our advancements in lean project execution and sophisticated software delivery systems, gives our clients valuable insights and sets us a cut above other firms in our industry.”

Giving Back

Giving back is woven into the fabric of Phoenix Industrial, always investing in its people and community by providing training, avenues for personal development and positive community participation. Phoenix has always believed that investing in its people and building relationships with community partners is foundational to its success and crucial in building a better future.
The company provides onsite training in conjunction with reputable industry partners, offer opportunities for personal development, and it regularly contribute to initiatives that positively impact its staff and the communities where employees live and work every day.

25 Years of Success

In business for 25 years, Phoenix was founded on the principle of providing consistent value for clients through an unwavering commitment to accountability and visibility. “This commitment has evolved over the years to include an effort to provide continuous learning opportunities on how to better serve our clients,” says Walsh. “Our clients come to us knowing they can trust our years of experience backed by a proven track record of safety performance, quality control, and risk management solutions that consistently produce results.”