Partners in heavy civil construction


kan-armBy Anna Guy

Whether a client needs slope stabilization with helicopter access, production drilling and blasting, or blasting of a subdivision development, they need it done safely, rapidly, and professionally. The contractor to call to complete any sized difficult project is Kan-Arm Contracting Ltd.

Kan-Arm Contracting Ltd., established in 2011, has quickly established a reputation as a reliable, safe partner in heavy civil construction, drilling and blasting, and slope stabilization for a diverse range of construction sites in British Columbia.

Leaders in Safety

Kan-Arm Contracting clients depend on the company for its safe and healthy workplace culture. Excellence in health and safety is the anchor to the company’s long term success and continual training and education is integral to maintain operation.

“Everything we do has safety protocols to be followed on any worksite and there are always corrections for everything to reduce the overall risk,” says President of Kan-Arm Contracting, Ken Armstrong. “Everything has to be in place in terms of our safety plan so that nothing is done in an unsafe manner. Our line of work is usually high risk and involves work on steep slopes, high angles or cliff edges—there is no time to second guess or be unsure, and our culture of safety makes it so we are always working in exact accordance to procedure.”

Kan-Arm works in compliance with any and all government agencies, regulations and industry best practices and is accredited by BC Forest Safety Council and BC Construction Safety Alliance. A team of trained and experienced employees has resulted in Kan-Arm Contracting’s exemplary safety record and Armstrong is very proud to say there have been no major incidents in the company’s lifetime.

Civil Division

River intakes, water reservoirs, roadway reinforcement, road building, site servicing, a wide variety of retaining wall systems, culvert installation and slip-lining—Kan-Arm Contracting has extensive experience in a wide variety of heavy civil projects.

The team has built its reputation by completing projects efficiently, on time and on budget, while maintaining a stalwart focus on safety. Armstrong says Kan-Arm Contracting regularly works with municipalities to complete all aspects of work from installation of water reservoir to completion of roadway construction for new developments. On projects such as these, Kan-Arm Contracting’s full-suite of services allows clients to work with a single contractor rather than coordinate with multiple companies—something that saves both time and money.

“We have the ability to coordinate and design on our projects,” says Armstrong. “It’s better for the owner or client to have to deal with one person as opposed to four.”

Drilling and Blasting

Kan-Arm Contracting’s Drilling and Blasting division is proficient in projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from large operations in remote locations as well as specialized projects in sensitive tight urban locations.

With ongoing operations in aggregate mines, forestry, and municipalities, Kan-Arm Contracting’s Drilling and blasting operation capabilities are an integrate aspect of the company. Its expertise in helicopter access, controlled blasting techniques, and attention to all details on work sites produces the best results and exceeds clients’ expectations. Whether Kan-Arm is production drilling in a quarry or blasting for subdivision development accommodated by a vast fleet of drills allows for best equipment to be used for each project’s unique set of requirements. The ability to provide any size drill for any for difficult project, including track drills and excavator drills capable of 6 inch to 1 1/4 inch diameter bore holes, helicopter portable and DTH drills.

Slope Stabilization

Slope Stabilization is a common requirement for many of the projects Kan-Arm Contracting takes on due to the geography of the site. The evolution of the company to include slope stabilization was a natural one for Armstrong, who wanted to offer a full suite of services to clients. “We wanted to be the company that has crews able to provide all services in-house under one umbrella,” says Armstrong. In an industry as fast-paced as construction, Kan-Arm Contracting is able to respond quickly and efficiently without having to coordinate multiple sub-contractor schedules.

On a more personal side, when most kids were learning to ride a two-wheeler, Armstrong was working a 490 Deere Excavator loading trucks, placing blast mats and digging utility trenches. To say he was born to have this role is an understatement. The Kan-Arm Contracting team is built on a reputation for efficiency, speed, and trust and is a valued partner for British Columbia’s construction industry.

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