Montreal’s Premiere Commercial Property Brokerage Team


By Anna Guy

IMMODEVWith a keen eye for the changing and particular needs of the industrial and commercial real estate world, Quebec-based IMMODEV is one of the largest and fastest growing commercial real estate brokerage firms in the province. Founded in 1996, IMMODEV has built a reputation as a solution-oriented commercial real estate firm with an unprecedented knowledge of Quebec’s real estate landscape.

Marc Vadeboncoeur spoke to Business Elite Canada about the ambitious strategies that has led IMMODEV to become one of the leading independent firms in the country. Vadeboncoeur credits an emphasis on “tenacious planning on behalf of clients” and fostering a firm with a deep knowledge and experience in the Montreal marketplace for its success.

“I started a boutique commercial brokerage service that could really focus on our clients’ needs,” says Vadeboncoeur. “We wanted to focus on small and medium-sized businesses with transactions from one to mid-eight figure range, where we could tangibly help them run their businesses more smoothly and efficiently. That is my passion.” Indeed, Vadeboncoeur has contributed to numerous commercial projects throughout Québec, helped create and maintain several tens of millions of dollars in investments.

Unparalleled Expertise

IMMODEV’s secret weapon is a dynamic team, adds Vadeboncoeur. IMMODEV is anchored by selected brokers whose diverse backgrounds in finance, government affairs, development, and sales, to name a few, offers ultimate insight into clients’ needs. “Negotiation, site identification, municipal approvals, market analysis, and financial analysis,” are skills IMMODEV brokers bring to the table to ensure the best solution. IMMODEV’s multi-disciplinary team equips the firm to conduct real estate transactions throughout Quebec. Vadeboncoeur himself brings a diverse experience to brokerage, with 40 years of financing and real estate under his belt.

“Quebec is in need of its own commercial real estate brand, and IMMODEV is devoted to filling that important role,” continues Vadeboncoeur. “[The IMMODEV team] understands the impact of the digital world and how it has allowed for a revolutionary change in the paradigm of commercial real estate. Our aims include establishing virtual and physical offices in every market and sub-market on and off the Island of Montreal and in the province of Québec.”

Illustrative of the success these communication strategies are visible in the firm’s numbers: IMMODEV did the most listings on their website than any other independent real estate firm.

Customer Comes First

“We are always available for our clients,” says Vadenboncoeur, adding there is no point in investing in marketing and advertising if you aren’t there to answer a call. “I’m sorry to say in the market a lot of people don’t rush to answer calls. We pride ourselves on a strong follow-up.”

IMMODEV also participates within the communities in which it is active. A quick Google search shows IMMODEV is often sought out by media for its opinion and takes on urban sprawl, renewal and development. Vadeboncoeur also supports such causes as the Rosemere Foundation, the Red Cross, Moisson Laurentides, Industrial Development Councils, Chambers of Commerces and Lions International, though he chooses to do so quietly.
“Every day is a different day,” says Vadeboncoeur. “It’s always different, which is great. This is what helps us thrive and find our jobs interesting. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I still love what I’m doing more than ever.”