In 2022, Vancouver’s leading geotechnical engineering firm, Horizon Engineering, a celebrates 25 years of excellence in 2022.

The same principles that got Horizon to where it is today is what the company leans on going forward, Karen Savage, P. Eng (President) tells Business Elite Canada.

“We endeavour to provide engineering that is: Right, Reasonable, Rigorous, Reviewed, Responsive, and Respectful,” says Savage. “We take the time to know our clients in order to understand their goals and to educate them about how these can be achieved. All of our engineers are ‘boots on the ground’ and accessible.”

For 25 years, Horizon has provided a comprehensive suite of geotechnical services to over 5000 projects Western Canada, including consulting engineering for new developments, retrofits and forensic assessments including subsurface investigation, slope stability assessment, engineering analyses (including settlement, liquefaction, site specific seismic ground response, seepage), excavation shoring and slope retention design, stormwater / drainage management, erosion and sediment control. construction reviews, quality control testing and quality assurance.

Western Canadians will be familiar with many of Horizon’s notable projects whether they realize it or not. Anyone who has visited the towers in downtown Vancouver, Burnaby and on the North Shore, or admired the homes for owners of companies and sports teams, NHL players, supreme court justices, or looks forward to taking the Broadway Subway, currently under construction, has seen the quality of Horizon’s work.

When asked what the company’s success can be credited to, Karim Karimzadegan, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., Principal, replies that it is the people on the team. “Our emphasis on extensive training combined with a culture which is rooted in empathy, and which celebrates diversity has allowed us to retain and sustain team members which in turn enhances the quality of the engineering that we provide.”

Horizon’s future will always honour its tradition of exemplary client service offerings. In 2021, Horizon joined forces with RAM Consulting, a professional service provider specializing in project and construction management, and multi-disciplinary engineering services, to complement its suite of services.

“Horizon is excited to announce that we have been acquired by RAM, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that provides project management, construction management, procurement, and engineering services throughout North America. The acquisition will allow RAM and Horizon to provide an even more robust and comprehensive offering of Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) services.”

Described as a “consolidation” of technical expertise which creates a significant and complete service offering in design, inspection, and ultimately, comprehensive project management, RAM acquired both Horizon and Encepta.

“Geotechnical engineering adds to the suite of engineering services offered by RAM,” says Karimzadegan. “Our map-based information informs RAM’s understanding of foundational needs of projects.”

“Collaborating on projects allows our team members to ‘cross train’. This sharing of knowledge and accrued professional wisdom makes for better engineers and stronger project managers.”

With this amount of experience, expertise, and acumen, there are many great projects on the horizon for Horizon.

“Our team will continue to enjoy collaborative relationships, grow in number, and develop professionally and personally,” says Savage. “Our team members will take on new projects, leadership and community responsibilities. We will proudly continue to do good engineering; this is our legacy.”