Electrical Solutions that Meet Your Needs

For more than 40 years, Quebec-based EEGT has supplied the Industrial, Commercial, Heavy Residential, and Institutional markets with the innovative electrical services they need to propel their business.

Business Elite Canada wanted to see what it is behind the four decades of success in a sector that faces great technological evolution, and found that adhering to basic principles of customer service never goes out of fashion.

40 Years

Established in 1977, EEGT finds it roots in commercial and industrial project. The company, was founded by Mr. Gilles Tremblay in 1977 under the name Les Entreprises Électriques Gilles Tremblay. His vision for proficient energy expenditure and low maintenance cost through electrical management is now pursued under the leadership of his son, David Tremblay.

Despite a lauded legacy, EEGT’s future is what is most exciting. The team has grown to over 100 members since restructuring in 2008, supporting clients across sectors with electrical, supply, installation, and maintenance. EEGT’s scope has moved to larger and more complex contracts. “This has offered us exponential growth, year after year,” says Jonathan Sauro, Director of Purchasing.

Over the years, EEGT has maintained a reputation for superior service, innovating and distinguishing the company from its peers. “We are able to offer a wide range of services and respond quickly to any service call,” says Sauro, adding EEGT specializes in analysis, management and planning of energy consumption, installation and repair of electrical systems such as alarm system, communication system, and fire systems, and electrical installation according to plans and specifications.

Turnkey Solutions

“We offer turnkey solutions for your electrical project,” says Sauro. “We can do everything from A to Z on an electrical project.” EEGT takes clients’ projects through from land survey, charging calculations, design and drawing of electrical plans, specialised solutions. “Every required component of a project and, of course, we finish it off with clean and professional installation.”

Responding to clients’ requirements through the years has earned EEGT its reputation as a steadfast and reliable partner—the trend from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting is a good example of this. With electrical savings of up to 75 per cent, EEGT saw the opportunity for clients to save on maintenance and cost with Conversion of industrial luminaires into LED. Says Sauro, “We completely redesign the lighting system of large surface buildings and are able to increase overall lighting, eliminate shadow spots, and reduce electricity consumption, and again, it’s based on a turnkey project.”

Readers may be familiar with one of EEGT’s most recent accomplishments: a 650,000-square-foot distribution and office centre Structube, the Canadian specialty retailer of contemporary and modern home furniture and accessories. EEGT also offers electrical plans approved by an engineer from architectural plans. This alternative requires more work from the team regarding the calculation of loads and lighting compared to a quote from plans and specifications, but it allows the customer to make substantial savings and to take advantage of different options in the field.

Sauro says the EEGT must have exemplary customer service to compensate for variables outside of its control, such as the price of copper and aluminum. “It’s hard for us to evaluate the rise so we must make sure that we remain competitive while being able to predict pricing.”

EEGT must include value-adds for its workers, and does so by having a who understand best practices in order to eliminate unnecessary equipment material. “Our clients are often surprised by the cost savings we can find through choosing the right products on identifying the proper installation locations,” says Sauro. “Clients save on both the purchase price and on the consumption.”

Looking Forward

With a clear eye on the future, Sauro thinks its old-fashion business acumen that keeps EEGT at the top of its game. “The most important value we can offer is the speed in efficiency in which we can deliver the projects.” The company will share its new, 65,000-square-foot warehouse and office space with its sister company, Soluxium Technologies, a manufacturer of high power autonomous solar towers for the international market, will enable the team to unify all aspects of the company’s production.

“With EEGT as the local certified installer, we’ll know that our towers will be properly installed, correctly initialized and that our clients in Quebec are in good hands,” says Sauro. “Soluxium and EEGT both offer innovative, energy saving and efficient solutions and both prioritize staff wellbeing as well as customer satisfaction. The transfer of these values is easy since they share the same work space. We understand that time is money, and we run our operation as efficiently as we can so our clients’ goals are reached quickly.”