Few construction companies have the legacy of Double V Construction—50 years of building British Columbia.

Double V traces its history to the early 1960s, when all 10 of the Van Vliet brothers moved to British Columbia. Their early passion for construction and attention to detail is evident in early projects such as Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver Provincial Court House and Simon Fraser University’s North Quadrangle.

Double V was officially established in 1972 by Nick and Paul Van Vliet. 2022 celebrates 50 years in business. Paul’s eldest son Glenn carries on the family legacy and its reputation for construction excellence and exceptional customer service.

“Double V’s team members are like family,” says Van Vliet. “Each and every one plays an integral part in the success of this company. We are grateful for their experience, knowledge and loyalty with the majority of the team being with us over 20 years and some upwards of 40.”

“Throughout its history, Double V Construction has worked on a diverse range of projects for both the private and public sector,” says Van Vliet. “With each new project, Double V’s team brings their extensive experience to ensure success right from pre-construction to successful project turnover.”

Double V’s reputation for working fluidly between different sectors is a distinguishing factor in the industry. They are a gold seal accredited contractor with COR Certificate of Recognition.

Double V has not veered far from its roots; they have evolved with the everchanging industry while continuing to work as a true General Contractor. “We also have extensive experience with LEED projects, green building construction, seismic upgrades and heritage restorations,” says Van Vliet.

Award-Winning Projects

The Grandview Business Centre, a 4-storey concrete tilt-up office building, recently won Best New Commercial Building and a Tilt-up Concrete Association Achievement Award. This project included one of the heaviest panels to be lifted in western Canada at the time it was built.

“Double V has a hands-on owner and management team who are always available to roll up their sleeves and help out where needed,” says Van Vliet. “Double V self performs all our own concrete formwork, wood framing and installation of doors, frames and hardware.”

A methodical approach and comprehensive understanding of innovative building technologies allows Double V Construction’s team to adeptly handle the demands of technologically advanced projects. “Since the beginning, Double V Construction has successfully taken the role of General Contractor or Construction Manager under both Stipulated Sum and Construction Management at Risk contract formats,” says Van Vliet.

Double V Construction recognizes the unique challenges associated with a wide variety of construction projects. Double V’s innovative solutions and industry-leading best practices has earned recognition from clients, peers and professional associations.

“We continue to grow and expand,” says Van Vliet. “We are always looking for new and innovative projects where we can apply our years of experience and knowledge to build a successful project that both Double V and the client can be proud of.”