Delivering Successful Results

By Anna Guy

BSI GlobalIn the world of resource sector professional services, BSI Global stands out. Not only is the company the only Aboriginal status professional service company, its technical and innovation solutions have carved out a unique, international market for the group.

BSI Global’s focus within the resources sector and includes clean base load energy generation projects, integrated remediation solutions and innovative industry solutions partnerships. Anchored by a team of highly skilled professionals who provide a broad range of qualified services—including project development, First Nations engagements, project management, engineering, project controls and complementary services to the Power and Resources sectors—BSI Global assists customers’ needs on small to large local and international initiatives.

Business Elite Canada spoke with RJ Roux, Managing Director of BSI Global about BSI Global’s expertise. Roux, Ivy educated, including Harvard University, is as passionate as she is knowledgeable about the industry. With an established history in nuclear and hydroelectricity, BSI Global identifies solutions in feasibility studies, client targeted strategic initiatives, solutions identification, technologies / solutions partnerships, and joint ventures.

“As part of our mission, BSI Global’s project development team assists our clients with identifying project opportunities relevant to their technologies and then assists in sourcing partners that complement best of class industry solutions,” says Roux. “We work with a variety of resources industry firms to enable innovating solutions, and bring technology companies closer to commercialization by creating and sourcing opportunities and partnerships. Technology owners are sometimes unaware how to create value add solutions leading to commercialization, and we create opportunities and open doors never sought before. We capitalize on existing relationships and create solutions for project owners within the resources sector.”

Roux adds BSI Global’s highly qualified team has come to know where issues may arise and propose solutions prior to any problems materializing. “Our objective is to provide value-add solutions to optimize future outcomes.”

Business Project Areas

As a result of its expanding professional talent base, BSI Global have recently expanded into environmental remediation/restoration, decontamination and decommissioning, and operations support for prime contracts. It is important to note that BSI Global can either deliver the project or supplement your team with professionals who understand the complexities to deliver.

BSI Global has an experienced team of senior industry professionals and strategists, project managers, program managers, regulatory experts, and engineers ready to invest their knowledge and experience towards our clients needs and goals. With in-depth experience in all phases of the project life cycle, from baseline planning to project closeout, BSI Global has the capability to provide total project management to best support your needs, and has a proven track record of providing knowledgeable, trained, and experienced individuals that include comprehensive and integrated project controls systems.

Environmental Remediation/Restoration Services

BSI Global provides independent support and problem-solving solutions.

BSI Global has participated in safely cleaning up waste sites and burial grounds—activities included waste disposal cribs and trenches, buried pipelines and areas contaminated by operational leaks and accidental spills. Buried materials included chemically and radioactively contaminated materials, such as asbestos, lead, chromium, carbon tetrachloride, strontium, uranium, cesium and tritium.

BSI Global, along with the pre-selected subcontractors, has provided all equipment, key personnel and qualified; trained labor to remediate contaminated waste sites in a safe, compliant and cost-effective manner. Its personnel provide management oversight of remediation activities; coordinate interfaces with multiple project teams and cross-functional organizations. BSI Global provides independent support and problem-solving solutions. “We develop optimization plans, resource loaded schedules and the means to succeed,” says Roux.

BSI Global has successfully implemented remediation and site closure activities at most highly regulated commercial power plants decommissioning projects to date, including successfully achieving license termination.

Waste to Energy

“We recently partnered with a Waste to Energy company that offers both mobile and modular solutions, able to surpass some of the most demanding emissions control standards,” says Roux. “Our focus is to market this technology in some of the most remote and demanding environments. We welcome these challenges and making a positive difference. As part of our mandate, we are dedicated to participating towards reducing Climate Change effects for future generations.”

Small Modular Reactors

With a focus on clean energy, BSI Global specializes in creating opportunities for small nuclear reactors (under 300 MWe), as a clean energy source. According to the World Nuclear Organization, “There is strong interest in small and simpler units for generating electricity from nuclear power, and for process heat, driven both by a desire to reduce the impact of capital costs and to provide power away from large grid systems. Generally, modern small reactors for power generation, and especially SMRs, are expected to have greater simplicity of design, economy of series production largely in factories, short construction times, and reduced siting costs.”

BSI Global is nothing short of a trailblazer in this area. Through an International multivariable optimization study, BSI Global analysed key features such as energy requirements, population growth & displacement, environmental policies and other key factors that resulted in the identification of key regions and industries where SMRs would be a good “fit”.

BSI Global has identified siting opportunities for SMRs technologies. “We found sites around the world and then matched them to the appropriate technologies.”. Sites that aren’t necessarily commonly known by other studies previously conducted. Our approach is to create the opportunity, educate those with the need, and propose the appropriate technologies that will support the need. “Our global and multi-industry involvements provide a fresh and out of the box perspective on possibilities.”

“We have approached technology-based companies international and are moving forward with creating industry and energy solutions,” says Roux. By taking these technologies to companies who are otherwise unfamiliar with the opportunities that are tailored specifically for them, makes BSI Global a sought after professional service company. Says Roux, “Variable interests and knowledge from diversity really brings a different light to these types of solutions.”