For over three decades, BAT Construction has been a stalwart in British Columbia’s construction industry, earning a reputation for taking on some of the most challenging geotechnical stabilization and construction projects across Canada and in Peru. Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2023, Bat Construction has evolved and diversified, becoming recognized for innovative technology and perpetually increasing safety standards.

Geotechnical Expertise

BAT Construction’s journey began with a focus on rock scaling and rock bolting on high-angle slopes in British Columbia. The company has provided a full range of Geotechnical Stabilization Services and Expertise on some of the most complex construction projects in Western Canada.

Clients come to BAT for specialized services such as Horizontal Drain Hole Drilling, Shotcrete and Shoring, Rope Access Contractors for rock scaling and high angle work locations, Geohazard Remediation Solutions for rock slope stabilization, and Blasting for the removal of unstable rock, to name a few.
“Over the years, the company expanded its capabilities to encompass all facets of geotechnical stabilization,” says Dan Sims, General Manager.
One pivotal milestone for the company was the development and manufacturing of proprietary Horizontal Long Hole drill rigs. “These innovative drills, designed to dewater slopes and reduce pore water pressure up to 500m into the sub-surface, play a critical role in stabilizing slopes and preventing failures, particularly in open-pit mines,” says Sims.

This advanced drilling technology, reaching depths of up to 500 meters into the subsurface, plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and predicting slope stability.
Drilling cased and perforated holes, uncased, PVC lined, or a combination of all provides a dramatic increase in ground stability. “Our proven results and ability to meet strict production deadlines will keep your project on track,” says Sims. “All stages of groundwater reduction through the placement of free-draining, horizontal drain holes can be safely completed from casing, drilling, perforating, installing PVC, grouting, all surface pipe installations, sump construction and linings.”

A Commitment to Safety

“The safety of our employees and the public have always been of the utmost importance to BAT,” says Sims, emphasizing BAT’s ability to adapt to ever changing safety and workplace regulations as a point of pride.

The company’s commitment to safety was recently recognized with the Association of Geohazard Professional Safety Award. This accolade reflects Bat Construction’s dedication to developing its Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) program, aligning safety documentation and procedures with ISO standards, and maintaining the highest safety standards in the industry.

“Our Health and Safety program, BCCSA COR Certification, and a company culture has allowed us to continually work with many major clients such as Teck, CN Rail, CP Rail, Trans Mountain, Fortis, BC Hydro, Rio Tinto, DeBeers, Governments and Municipalities, and many major or general contractors,” says Sims.

Showcasing Expertise

Some of BAT Construction’s recent projects spans various sectors, demonstrating their ability to tackle diverse and complex projects, including slope repair along Big White Road, access shafts for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, Chase Highway 4-Laning, and key subcontracting for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

Clients choose BAT Construction because of our dedication to safety, reliability and use of innovative techniques and technologies to tackle any level of challenging project they might face.

BAT Construction Ltd. is fully committed to sustainable development, responsible stewardship of the natural environment, and living up to our social responsibility. Improving our environmental performance and community relations across the company is a priority at BAT Construction Ltd. We are continuously working towards minimizing resource consumption and improving the health and safety of our employees.

BAT Construction’s practises also align with their client’s environmental stewardship targets, using environmentally friendly practices such as vegetable-based drill fluids and waste sorting and recycling. Their commitment ensures that projects are completed while minimizing their impact on the environment.

Construction of Avalanche Barriers

In recent years, BAT Construction accomplished the installation of the most extensive snow net system in the Western Hemisphere. This groundbreaking project took place in Cougar Corner, Glacier National Park, an ecologically delicate region where the primary concern was the safety of the indigenous wildlife.
The project’s objective was to deploy snow nets, a proven method for significantly mitigating avalanche risks by intercepting them at their origin points. Rows of snow nets were strategically placed in avalanche-prone areas to impede the initiation of snow slides. By incorporating snow nets in these vulnerable zones, both the slide areas and their paths experienced regrowth, enabling nature to reclaim territories that would otherwise be disrupted by annual avalanches.

The implementation of the snow net system enabled Parks Canada Agency to maintain open highways and ensure uninterrupted commerce. Historically, scheduled closures and avalanche hazard mitigation, often involving ordnance detonations in the slide paths, were necessary measures undertaken by Parks.

Executing this ambitious project involved installing 2000 meters of Geobrugg snow nets within a challenging six-month timeframe in an area that tested the limits of established Swiss guidelines. These guidelines, set by the Swiss Directive for Defense Structures in Avalanche Starting Zones, align with the standards of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects.

The intricate topography of the slide-prone areas, coupled with high snow densities, not only marked this endeavor as the largest snow net installation in the Western Hemisphere but also positioned it as the world’s most technically demanding snow net project in terms of volume.

Embracing Innovation

BAT Construction stays at the forefront of technology and trends in construction. “As you can imagine, having our crews perform high-risk rock scaling, drilling, and high angle construction work for over 35 years we have seen a lot of changes to how that work is performed.”

BAT Construction consistently implement innovative approaches to minimize hazards and enhance productivity. Their network of vendors, suppliers, and partners allows them to adapt swiftly to industry changes.

“Our extensive network of vendors, suppliers and partners gives us timely access to the fast-changing and ever evolving field of stabilization work,” say Sims. “We strongly and frequently encourage both our management and field teams to share new ideas that contribute to the improvement of safety and efficiency within the company.”
Future Plans and Goals

As Bat Construction marks its 35th anniversary, the company remains focused on community and innovation. Believing in giving back to the community, their staff actively participates in programs like The Salvation Army’s Adopt a Family, ensuring local families receive the Christmas they deserve.

In the next five to ten years, expect BAT to continue expanding the shotcrete and shoring division, extending the geographical range of Horizontal Drain Hole drilling services, and focusing on the development of the underground mining division—strategic moves that align with their commitment to continuous growth and excellence in the construction industry.

“Whether your project is services to remote sites, confined space projects, pit mines or 300-foot rock face, at BAT Construction Ltd. we have a philosophy of providing a team approach with our clients and this helps ensure we reach the successful completion of any project we are tasked with,” says Sims.
From pioneering innovations in geotechnical stabilization to consistently exceeding safety standards and delivering successful projects, BAT Construction has established itself as a leader in the construction industry, working on highly specialized, complex projects in British Columbia and all other provinces and Territories.

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