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one, the abstract depictions of AI technology make      funnel much-needed funds towards subsidizing

        it difficult for business-leaders to understand         technology adoption by Canadian industry as a

        and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of AI           means to stimulate economic growth. Be sure to
        innovations, as well as justify their costs. This, too,   check out the opportunities on offer by SCALE AI

        is changing since AI solution providers like ours       Canada, CNRC-IRAP; and if you’re in Quebec, the

        now provide visual and intuitive displays of AI         Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation (MEI) and
        automation that are comprehensible to the business      Investissement Québec. Our case with Pomerleau

        community. With our platform, non-AI experts can        is exemplary. This successful POC project enabled

        communicate with AI specialists and challenge a         our partnership to secure subsidies from the leading
        proposed solution, question the assumptions and         funding organization INVEST-AI, which helped

        understand how their data influences AI algorithms.     cover a significant proportion of our R&D efforts.
        Ultimately, this ensures that end-users can bring       We are confident your business can follow our lead

        real-world operational context to proposed AI           and acquire cutting-edge, trustworthy automation

        solutions and significantly de-risk AI solutions prior   without breaking the bank.
        to their deployment.

        Note that one benefit from the pandemic is that

        provincial and federal governments continue to

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