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solution will bring the benefits promised. Moreover,    their abilities to account for all the variabilities in

        it helps scope a larger project so that understanding   these operating conditions; however, autonomous
        of the technology and data risks prior to launching a   vehicles do flourish in industrial contexts where

        larger scale deployment are known.                      operating conditions are routine and predictable.

        INDUSTRY LEADS BEFORE                                   We also can foresee the expected step-wise

        CONSUMER PRODUCTS:                                      adoption of autonomous vehicles in additional
        THE CASE OF AUTONOMOUS                                  industries, where the technology will enter sectors

        VEHICLES                                                determined by small increments in the complexity

                                                                of the path followed by the vehicles. Confidence
        Occupying much media attention today are                is another take home message from this example.

        autonomous vehicles destined for use by the             Though criticisms of autonomous vehicles for the

        average consumer. Having autonomous vehicles            consumer market are legitimate, you should not
        operate in typical urban environments proves to         conclude outright that such forms of AI automation

        be challenging and still too risky. This comes as       is premature for your industrial operations. The
        no surprise since AI systems remain premature in        same issues are surfacing in other industries where

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