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the operational context is variable. This includes      The need for AI automation to cut costs through

        IOT, drones, robotic assembly lines, aerospace,         efficiency gains and reduced labour requirements is

        defense, medicine and the environment. A good           obvious. The industry’s focus is now on determining
        example of an industry that was a late entrant to the   repetitive, well-documented tasks in construction

        AI space is construction.                               workflows. By partnering with the leading Canadian
                                                                construction company Pomerleau, we completed
        CONSTRUCTION IS CATCHING UP                             a POC project to automate one vital, labour-

                                                                intensive task: evaluating preconstruction planning
        The reputation of the construction industry             documents and engineering specifications. Before

        as a technology laggard is ending--and with             striking ground, plans for complex construction

        good reason. In Canada, the sector is grappling         projects undergo routine readjustments and
        with severe labour shortages and supply chain           changes--sometimes more than 20 times a day.

        disruptions due to the pandemic. These are but a        The constant need to adjust orders with suppliers
        few factors that cause construction costs to soar,      of building materials cuts into the time project

        which Statistics Canada estimated last year to          manager have to mitigate risks and provide up-to-

        have inflated the price for non-residential projects    date information for accurate estimates of project
        by 8.3% and residential projects by 20.3%. Since        costs.

        governments are investing heavily in infrastructure

        projects to stimulate economic development,             Construction companies are fortunate in that
        constraints on supplies of labour and building          images of construction plans are plentiful.

        materials will remain a long-term challenge.            Associating the amount of building materials, like

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