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seen and what is expected from business decision-       that your business documents well. By “well-

        makers, government authorities and the general          documented”, we mean tasks that are tracked,
        public is that any AI that is released into our lives   measured and reported using consistent protocols;

        must be safety tested extensively and proven to         this documentation--in formats that include texts,

        do what it claims to do. The ability to easily explain   location tracking, spreadsheets or images--provides
        the technology to non-AI experts is also essential.     the data needed to train AI solutions. Tally up the

        Addressing these concerns provides an accelerant        amount of time and resources that repetitive task
        to rapid adoption of more advanced and more             requires. If it is over $ 500 000 annually, the time

        impactful AI solutions.                                 is ripe to start a proof-of-concept (POC) project

                                                                with an AI solutions provider. Indeed, the prices for
        ROUTINE AND                                             AI solutions are increasingly competitive and now

        WELL-DOCUMENTED                                         often fall well below the current costs of the task

                                                                you identified for automation. Our clients have had

        Identifying the best opportunities for AI automation    lots of successes following a POC approach using a

        need not be complex. Conduct a critical review of       small amount of high-quality data. Such preliminary
        your industry by first identifying repetitive tasks     projects serve to validate that a proposed AI

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