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Makivik Executive, Board Members, Governors and Youth representative in a group photo during the February 2021
                                        Makivik Board meeting. (Photo Credit: William Tagoona - Makivik Corporation)
                                                                which was accomplished in the March, 2021 Annual
                                                                General Meeting. “Youth make up a large portion

                                                                of Nunavik’s population, so giving them decision

                                                                making power in Makivik’s political and economic
                                                                initiatives is something that I put a lot of importance

                                                                into,” says Aatami. “I believe that we have to hear
                                                                Nunavik’s Youth as we are building a new world for


                                                                Aatami also worked quickly to address what was

                                                                perceived as a decline in the relations between
                                                                Makivik and the Quebec Government in the last

                                                                years. “With the Nunavik region residing within

                                                                Quebec, this is a relationship that I feel needs to
         Makivik President Pita Aatami presents Willie Cain Jr. with the
          Nunavik Bravery Awards. The award is given to nominated   be strong for obvious reasons, but is a relationship
           Nunavimmiut who risk their lives to try and save or protect
                                                                that unfortunately eroded in my absence. I’m happy
                    another. (Photo Credit: Saima Mark - Makivik Corporation)

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