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Air Inuit Aircrafts on the ramp of the Kangirsuk Airport (Photo Credit: Carson Tagoona)

        partnerships, or though the various agreements that     du Nouveau-Québec (FCNQ) creating Tarquti, a

        have been signed with the governments.”                 company that is now exploring renewable energy
                                                                solutions for Nunavik.”

        Aatami acknowledges that while lot has been

        achieved over the last 40 years, there is still a lot of   CORPORATE CULTURE
        work to do, especially when it comes to ensuring

        that the governments continue the work and their        Makivik’s corporate culture is very intertwined with

        obligations in fully implementing agreements that       the Inuit Culture. Whether you are in the Kuujjuaq
        have been signed to date.                               head office or the regional office in the Montreal

                                                                area, you will hear Inuktitut being spoken, and there

        “Economically, we have achieved amazing things          is a good chance that you will meet both Inuit and
        over this time period,” says Aatami. “We have two       non-Inuit staff group up in the kitchen at lunch time

        airlines that not only serve our communities but fly    sharing a country food meal on the floor.
        beyond our region and serve far away cities. We’ve

        built partnerships in both the shipping and fisheries   “Sharing and teaching our culture with our non-

        sectors. And most recently entered into a new           Inuit staff is something that we love to do, and is
        partnership with the Fédération des coopératives        an important step for their successful employment

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