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support their efforts in meeting their mandates and     area of the land?’” This is the seed that motived

        responsibilities. “Our strength will come with our      me to enter politics out of a deep concern that Inuit

        collaboration and respect and I was hoping that         should be controlling development in Nunavik.”
        coming back as Makivik’s president would allow me

        to shift the corporation back in this direction.”       After representing Kuujjuaq as Board Member,
                                                                Aatami was elected as Makivik’s Treasurer in 1993,
        HISTORY WITH MAKIVIK                                    holding this position until becoming President in

                                                                1998 until 2012.
        Aatami has a long and proud history with Makivik.

        The first political role he held with the corporation      “Over many years Makivik has been

        was being elected as a Makivik Board member for            on the pursuit of self-determination
        his home community of Kuujjuaq in 1987, though                     for the Inuit of Nunavik.”

        his interest in politics was sparked well before this.
        “If we go back before Makivik existed (to the period    “Politically, [over the past 40 years] Makivik has

        where the JBNQA talks were in full swing), I was        made great strides in ensuring that Nunavik Inuit

        only 12 at the time, but this is when I started asking   are on the map, and that our way of life and region
        what was going on? I was like the rest of the Inuit,    remain protected. This has been achieved in a

        wondering, ‘What are they going to be doing to my       number of ways, whether it be through regional

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