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Makivik held its annual budget meeting in October 2021 in Montreal. (Photo Credit: Carson Tagoona - Makivik Corporation)

        MAKIVIK WELCOMES                                        Armed with the same desire to positively impact the

        NEW PRESIDENT                                           lives of the Inuit of Nunavik that powered his first

                                                                tenure as President, Aatami was motivated to fulfil
                                                                the position of President again by a singular theme:
        Makivik welcomed back Pita Aatami as Makivik
        President in February, 2021, succeeding Charlie Watt
        Sr., another highly-respected member of Makivik.  A
                                                                “A major theme of my campaign and a big driver
        full circle moment, Aatami has returned to the role
                                                                behind re-running for Makivik President was my
        for the second time since holding the office in the
                                                                belief that it is time for unity in Nunavik,” says
        1990s. A recipient of the Order of Canada and Ordre
                                                                Aatami. “Unity between all the major organizations
        National du Quebec, Aatami, 60, has held the role
                                                                ensures that Nunavik speaks with a common voice.
        of President and CEO of one of Makivik’s major
                                                                Something that I believe is key to ensuring that
        subsidiaries, Air Inuit, for the last eight years. He
                                                                Nunavik isn’t left behind in today’s world.”
        made the decision to resign in order to run for the

        Makivik presidential position.
                                                                The Makivik team plans on working closely with

                                                                all its regional and community organizations to

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