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employment opportunities for other community            Nation members, and those members often use
        members as the demand for services and supplies         their education and training to build even greater

        from these Simpcw Businesses increases.                 opportunities for the community,” said Jason Dorey,
                                                                Chief Operating Officer at Simpcw Resources LLP.

        SRLLP works closely with Simpcw First Nation

        to implement an innovative Cultural Awareness           “Our success lies largely with our staff and their
        training program with all our partners.  This program   dedication to our guiding values and principles,”

        helps build a greater understanding and respect         says Al Chorney, Chief Executive Officer at Simpcw
        for Simpcw culture among the business affiliates,       Resources LLP.

        partners, management teams, and field staff. The

        Group’s goal through the implementation of this         “We hire based not only on skills, but also on how
        training is to create a more inclusive and respectful   we feel an individual will fit within the multi-leveled

        work environment for Indigenous employees               diversified organization. We work in a dynamic,

        working on projects within the territory.               fast-paced environment and success means that
                                                                we need a team who can collaborate on creative

        As part of the legacy of SRLLP’s Joint Venture          solutions. We’ve managed to build a team of people

        Partnerships, its partners contribute to a scholarship   whose jobs and personalities are very diverse
        fund administered by SRLLP.                             but, at the end of the day, we’re all aligned in our

                                                                commitment to building a company that supports
        “This fund creates scholarships for Simpcw First        the goals of Simpcw First Nation.”

        Nation members completing post-secondary

        education, and trades programs. These scholarships               
        support the long-term goals of Simpcw First

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