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“The fire crew ensures local boots are on the ground

                                                                as a fire is reported and works quickly to set up and

                                                                remove fuel from the fire’s path and/or to extinguish
                                                                it” said Ron Lampreau Jr., CCVFD Fire Chief.

                                                                STEWARDSHIP OF THE LAND

                                                                Stewardship of the land is one of the key priorities
                                                                at SRLLP in fact, it is part of its mission statement.

                                                                SRLLP has a dedicated Forestry Division that

                                                                manages all aspects from planning to silviculture
                                                                and everything in between. The Forestry Division

                                                                is made up of professionals and technical staff
                                                                to oversee active projects, business development

                                                                opportunities, and sub-contractors.  This

                                                                department is dedicated and committed to working
                                                                for the benefit of the Simpcw First Nation.  During

                                                                the difficult 2021 wildfire season, the workforce

                                                                at the Forestry office within the Forestry Division
                                                                didn’t hesitate to assist with extinguishing wildfires

                                                                destroying the valuable resources in the Territory.

                                                                JOINT VENTURES

                                                                SRLLP’s partnerships are built around four main

                                                                principles—employment and training opportunities,

                                                                cultural awareness, revenue sharing, and
                                                                community investment.  SRLLP goals through these

                                                                partnerships is to capture as many opportunities
                                                                as possible within Simpcw traditional territory

                                                                and use these opportunities to grow the capacity

                                                                and experience of Simpcw Members and Simpcw
                                                                Member-owned businesses.

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