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faceted company creating economic growth within

        the Simpcw Territory.



        Simpcw First Nation felt the impact of the 2021

        wildfires and reacted by creating the Indigenous
        Initial Attack (IIA) initiative.  This initiative fills a gap

        due to the lack of resources and personnel ready

        to respond to new wildfires within the Simpcw
        Territory.  BC Wildfire Service signed a seasonal pilot

        project agreement with Simpcw First Nation’s Chu
        Chua Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD), which

        allows the IIA crew to be dispatched directly from

        the Fire Center and respond quickly to any new fire
        within the Simpcw territory.  The service area is a

        100-to-150-kilometer radius within the home base

        of Chu Chua, keeping the crew always close to the
        community to protect the local resources.

        Fire Chief Ron Lampreau Jr., alongside Deputy Fire
        Chief Melanie Stutt, started assembling the IIA

        specialized fire fighting crew. The crew is made up
        of a crew boss and three crew members, all of whom

        are Simpcw Band members. from the Chu Chua

        Volunteer Fire Department.  The crew boss has an
        extensive background in the forestry sector, making

        them an invaluable asset with their knowledge
        of the woodland traditional sector. All members

        possess local knowledge of the land, water sources,

        cultural deposits, medicine, contractors, and service
        roads, which serve to enhance their ability to access

        and fight fires.

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