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development in the North Thompson Valley. To            and negotiated, they are passed onto SRLLP for

        address this historic exclusion, the SFN created its    development.
        economic arm Simpcw Resources LLP (SRLLP) with

        the purpose of generating income and employment         “Our corporate structure provides the ability to

        for the SFN community and membership.                   respond quickly to opportunities, rather than just
                                                                take advantage of opportunities by setting up a
        HISTORY OF SRLLP                                        Joint Venture with non-Indigenous partners. SRLLP

                                                                made the decision to engage Joint Ventures where

        Prior to the business start-up of SRLLP, SFN            appropriate, but to focus on building capacity in our

        researched alternate different models for First         own band membership via training. Building the
        Nations businesses and determined that the LLP          capacity of our membership is another key to our

        business structure would provide tax and liability      success,” said Paul Donald, Director of Strategic
        advantages. The LLP structure required a separate       Business Development at Simpcw Resources LLP.

        board of directors or management committee and

        thus moved the decision making for the business         SRLLP began its business by managing the forestry
        away from Chief and Council over to the new board       operations for Simpcw First Nation.  SRLLP provided

        of directors. This separation of the business arm and   site clearing and environmental monitoring for

        the political body has been a key ingredient to the     several proponents (run-of-the-river hydro, mining,
        success of SRLLP.  Under this structure, the Chief      etc.).  SRLLP utilized that experience and expanded

        and council of SFN are tasked with negotiating          further becoming a pipeline contractor in charge of

        the title and rights for SFN, which includes            security, medics, environmental, and archaeological
        accommodation agreements with government and            assessments for the Trans Mountain Expansion

        industry. Once business opportunities are identified    Project (TMEP).  SRLLP since has grown into a multi-

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