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MAY 2017
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dollar, there has been a lot more demand
for Canadian forest products. The higher
demand has been jacking up the price
of two-by-fours that have been ironically
milled in our own backyard.”
Fortunately, RDC’s home base has a fairly
robust housing market. The company has
grown substantially, having doubled its
revenue in the last four years, and further
growth is eagerly anticipated. Deeks ad-
mits that its current area of operation has a
relatively small market, which is why RDC
will be expanding intoWest and North Van-
couver. “To satisfy our long-term growth
goals, we really see the West Vancouver
and North Vancouver areas as a key mar-
ket for us,” Deeks said.
The new year has already started off well,
foreshadowing growth and innovation.
RDC will be building its first NetZero en-
ergy-ready labeled house that could pro-
duce, through solar panels, for example,
as much energy as it uses. According to
Deeks, the trick is to build a home with
reduced energy needs. That way the avail-
able roof area can satisfy energy demand
for the whole year. In late April 2017, RDC
will be teaming up with Mike Holmes and
Holmes Approved Homes for an open
house in Squamish.
“It is a good opportunity for people to see
what a net-zero house looks like behind
the walls and talk to some of the prod-
uct suppliers who support that initiative,”
Deeks said.
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