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MAY 2017
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code,” Deeks said.
RDC has been featured in Houzz and has an
extensive portfolio of prestigious awards,
including eight CHBA BC Georgie Awards
for recognized builders in B.C. Last year,
RDC received its first national award, the
National Housing Award for Building Excel-
lence. Deeks himself has been recognized
as Business Person of the Year (2015) by
the Whistler Chamber of Commerce, and
named 20 Most Influential People in Resi-
dential Construction by BC Homes Maga-
Since its first green house, RDC has been
strictly implementing not only best prac-
tices tailored to the environment, but fea-
tures to enhance the human experience. It
turns out that both go hand-in-hand.
One of the focuses of RDC is indoor air
quality. “Our strategy around indoor air
quality is to build an airtight house so that
we can control the climate in the house
and then we compliment that with proper
whole house mechanical ventilation,” ex-
plained Deeks. Having airtight houses con-
“We typically would build houses that are anywhere between 50 to 75 per cent
more energy efficient than the current building code.” Bob Deeks, President
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