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MAY 2017
trols moisture or vapour that may enter the
home. This ensures that there is no repeat
of the leaky condo crisis that hit the Lower
Mainland and Vancouver Island regions in
the late 1980s and 1990s.
The heat recovery ventilator, which is in-
stalled in every RDC home, takes all the
stale and damp air from places like bath-
rooms and kitchens and exchanges it for
fresh air from outside. During the ex-
change process, the ventilator transfers
the tempered energy across a coil so that
the incoming fresh air is reheated with the
exhaust energy going out of the building.
The benefits of such a system are two-
fold: it is a really good energy savings de-
vice that provides excellent ventilation for
the entire house.
The company’s second focus is thermal
comfort. “We want all of our houses to be
warm in the winter and cool in the sum-
mer. More importantly than that, we want
the temperature in the house to meet
the expectation set for every individual
room,” Deeks explained. If, for example,
the homeowner wanted a cooler bedroom
and a warmer living room, RDC can pro-
vide that control. “We do this by making
sure that all of our heating, ventilation and
cooling systems are properly engineered
to the standards that are referenced in the
building codes and then we work with me-
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