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MAY 2017
Since its inception, the company has
evolved drastically in terms of services,
practices and philosophy. In the begin-
ning, services centred mostly on renova-
tion work, but eventually, its focus shifted
to renovation in the new housing market.
“As we started to transition into the late
1990s, we began to get interested in envi-
ronmentally sensitive construction practic-
es,” Deeks said. “We became much more
expert around the science of building new
homes and we started to have a better un-
derstanding of how the house works to-
gether as a system.”
In 2006, RDC built its first green project
and it was an incredible success, achiev-
ing a high EnerGuide number of 85. After
this, the company started certifying every
house that it built and that kind of com-
mitment did not go unnoticed. In 2013,
RDC was approached by the Mike Holmes
Group to join the Holmes Approved Homes
program. Now every new home built is not
only certified as a Mike Holmes approved
house, it comes with energy certification.
“We typically would build houses that are
anywhere between 50 to 75 per cent more
energy efficient than the current building
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