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MAY 2017
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chanical contractors who understand that
and have a commitment to that high level
of quality,” Deeks added.
The good news is that there is an increased
awareness and desire for sustainable
green building practices. In fact, buyers
are even starting to highlight energy effi-
ciency as a must-have feature when look-
ing for a new house, a trend that Deeks
has noticed amongst clients for the past
five years. But not all the trends he has
observed are on a positive note.
The reduction of the Canadian dollar has
taken a toll, but in Whistler, where foreign
buyers are plentiful, the lower dollar is
making theWhistler-Squamish-Pemberton
market more attractive. It has also resulted
in an increase in material costs.
“Interestingly, it is not just the costs that
are coming to us from offshore,” Deeks
explained. “As a result of a low Canadian
“As we started to transition into the late 1990s, we began to get interested in
environmentally sensitive construction practices.” Bob Deeks, President
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