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APRIL 2016
business elite canada
ensured commercial success. The com-
pany also uses the web and social media
platforms to engage potential clients.
Sometimes a complete rewrite of the
software is needed to maintain quality and
almost four years ago, C2 Enterprise em-
barked on such a quest, using the latest
technology and a strong team of experts
to produce a more refined product.
Fortunately, downfalls in the economy have
had a positive influence for the company
and that is simply because of the types
of services offered. Businesses want to
streamline their operations and reduce
their operating costs — this is what C2
Enterprise offers. With IT solutions from
C2, processes (incident, problem, change,
project, service request and event man-
agement) become automated, reducing
manual errors and costs, and increasing
efficiency. C2 Enterprise ITIL-framed soft-
ware provides key performance indicators,
dashboards, and more reporting features
— all of which are essential for businesses
to achieve their goals.
The world of IT is one constantly chang-
ing industry, and consequently, ITSM be-
comes a perpetual process rather than a
tangible destination.
“The perfect process does not exist. It
needs to be improved according to the
business maturity and its evolution” Lauz-
ière said.
At C2 Enterprise, products and services
are always being tweaked and updated ag-
ilely, especially as the needs of the clients
Stéphane Lauzière, CEO
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