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APRIL 2016
The company’s mission is to exceed their
client’s customer satisfaction. “We want
our clients to be superstars of customer
services — we want to help them be he-
roes,” Stéphane Lauzière, CEO of C2 En-
terprise, says.
Lauzière first started as a computer pro-
grammer, but he took a leap into entrepre-
neurship when he founded his first com-
pany in 1994. Like himself, C2 Enterprise
hires a lot of programmers or employees
with an IT background, but the organiza-
tion is comprised of many other talents,
including personnel with expertise in ad-
ministration and marketing.
“The variety of the profiles that we have
here brings a lot of good collaboration be-
tween people because they can help each
other out,” says Lauzière. This collabora-
tion positively impacts the upkeep of the
company; differing strengths and weak-
nesses is beneficial to boost the support
for one another, he added.
When Lauzière began the company in 2008
with co-founder Mylène Bouchard, C2 En-
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