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APRIL 2016
“Everything we can measure, we can im-
prove,” Lauzière said.
With these initiatives in mind, C2 En-
terprise created C2 ATOM, an all-in-one
codeless web-based ITSM software that
has been shown to reduce business oper-
ating costs. The solution allows clients to
provide state-of-the-art customer service
with improved team efficiency, Lauzière
C2 ATOM is a flexible and custom-built so-
lution designed for any specific business
context. Customer demand has also en-
sured the release of the mobile app de-
sign for iOS and Android for this software
later this year. With core values that cen-
tre on commitment, integrity and respect,
the company has celebrated almost 500
implementations so far.
Living in the technology era, IT has be-
come a pivotal part of the business world,
but industry challenges exist nonetheless.
“As a technology company, you always
have to adapt to new business models
and new technology innovations” Lauzière
To compete in the market, C2 Enterprise
has had to undertake various ventures in
marketing and sales, such as the shift to
inbound marketing, in order to draw cus-
tomers. Aligning software solutions with
business needs, increased transparency
and good old-fashioned persistence have
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